Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yougo Chicken

Browsing through the food court at Aberdeen Centre, I noticed quite a few new food stalls such as Yougo Chicken. Yougo Chicken is a food stall serving Taiwanese bento boxes, sausage, fried pork chop, tofu and of course, popcorn chicken. The prices are fairly reasonable and I believe the bento boxes are only $7.50. Yougo Chicken also offers dessert such as Taiwanese style waffles and the thick cut toasts. However, since I wanted to try other food stalls, I stuck with something small and a favourite of mine which is the Taiwanese popcorn chicken.

The popcorn chicken is freshly fried and served extremely hot, I even burnt my tongue LOL. The chicken has a nice crisp exterior and tastes moist with a flavourful as well as tasty, five spice and peppery salt seasoning. Also, all the pieces are edible and there is not one chunk of fatty meat (which does happen at some places and more like a few chunks of fatty meat!). If anything, the portion is a bit small which may be understandable for a food stall.

TOTAL: $5.25.

- Not bad popcorn chicken
- Friendly owner

- Not sure how the other food is

- I like that the basil is fried with the chicken!
- Would probably come back to try only the fried foods

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A

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