Sunday, April 20, 2014

Candy Meister

Going for a stroll on Commercial Drive since C'est la vie Maggi and I rarely come down here or are familiar with the area, she randomly yelled "candy food truck" and we made our way to Candy Meister. Walking up to the candy truck (the only truck where one can take candy from a stranger!), the friendly clerk offered us some samples while we took a look around. 

Candy Meister offers fruit as well as herbal flavoured hard candies, cough drops, lollipops and marshmallows. Personally, I am not a fan of hard candy because I like to finish sweets right away rather than savouring them in my mouth (also because of fob thoughts such as getting a cavity!), although I do find the cough drops healthier than grocery store brands. The hard candies are priced at $3.81 each or 3/$10.48 and we went for three packs. Maggi's choice is the Green Woodruff Leaves and mine are the Honey Bees as well as the Fizzy Candy. Luckily for me, Maggi is not a big fan of Candy and I got to keep all three packs LOL. Plus, she paid for them too!

The flavours for the fizzy candy are orange, peach, woodruff and lemon. The orange flavour has a light fruit taste and the peach tastes fruiter. For the lemon flavour, it tastes like lemon without the sourness and the woodruff has a light mild taste. As for the fuzziness, it is very light and quite faint. I do not know why but I originally expected something like pop rocks LOL but less extreme. The fizzy candy is my favourite out of the bunch.

The honey bees taste like honey and is not overly sweet. These can probably go in a cup of hot water or tea.

The woodruff leaves have a light taste and is not overly sweet. 

TOTAL: $11.00.
I did not give the candies a rating because overall I find them only average. However, this is what hard candies are to me. If anything, the only reason I would revisit based on convinience is because the owner was friendly.

- Friendly owners
- Clear and informative packaging
- Reasonably priced

- No set location (although the schedule is posted on their website)

- C'est la vie Maggi's post [here]
- The candies kind of make me feel dehydrated

Food: N/A
Service: 5/5

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