Friday, April 25, 2014

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Rain or Shine Ice Cream is on C'est la vie Maggi and my to visit list for our next food date and according to her, the ice cream shop is the next "it" place for ice cream. However, since I was literally in the area and had a pretty crappy lunch at Mamalee's, I felt like I deserved something good and made the visit without her. Rain or Shine has a list of "keepers" and seasonal ice cream choices along with toppings, sundaes and shakes. The interior of the ice cream shop looks clean as well as simple, and has a spacious hallway for customers to line up comfortably. When we walked in, a clerk was helping a customer and another staff member who was at the back of the shop, smiled when she made eye contact and shortly came out to serve us. I am big on customer service and something so simple like a smile, goes a long way. 

Rain or Shine offers single scoops with one flavour for $4.50, single scoops with two flavours for $5.00, doubles for $6.00, a flight of four flavours for $9.00 and a pint for $9.00 as well. The good news for those who want to grab a pint is that you can skip the line! Also, Rain or Shine has "Taco Tuesday" which consists of two scoops of ice cream and one topping served on a taco waffle cone for only $6.00 (a pretty good deal!). Since we did not look at the prices before ordering, we went for two doubles and a flight which comes with the same amount of scoops, would have costed $3.00 less!

The london fog tastes creamy and has a very light taste with an aftertaste of earl grey. I personally love simple as well as light tastes and london fog is one of them. Next, the cracked mint tastes quite good as well. The mint tastes refreshing and the ribbons of chocolate creates a lighter but yet more flavourful taste and blends better than the use of generic chocolate chips. The cracked mint tastes like a flavourful chocolate mint ice cream with a refreshing taste.

These are BFs choice as well as the complete opposite of what I would go for LOL. The coconut chocolate chunk has a flavourful (and actual) coconut taste with a chocolate aftertaste and again like the cracked mint, the chocolate shaves blend well with the ice cream and better than the use of actual chunks or chips. However for those who prefer actual chunks, may not be too happy. As for us, we prefer this a lot more. Next, the spiced honey hazelnut has a heavier taste of chai spices than honey and not much of a hazelnut taste (I personally did not like the heavy taste of spices).

TOTAL: $12.60 + TIP $1.40 = $14.00.
Overall despite a couple of ice crystals, Rain or Shine serves above average ice cream. I may consider revisiting when in the area (well, I will have to again with Maggi) but would not line up longer than ten minutes. Although I am curious to try every flavour and will take advantage of the great Tuesday Taco special.

- Friendly staff
- Housemade ice cream

- Pricier which is understandable

- Get the flight(!), it is $3.00 cheaper than two doubles
- I sampled the honey lavender and did not like it. The lavender tastes extremely overwhelming and like perfume (in my case)

Food: 3/5
Service: N/A

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  1. This facility does not offer public washrooms and to existing customers.

    What do you think about that?

    1. Not sure about that… but if true, it would suck for those who want to wash their hands after or before having some ice cream

  2. Thats weird b/c usually small businesses tell customers cheaper price, 3$ is half price of a 2 scoops lol

    you must try earnest ice cream!



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