Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finch's Tea & Coffee House

Last fall, C'est la vie Maggi asked to dine together and we ended up going to Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Ever since then, we have tried meeting again but due to our opposite schedules as I prefer starting my day as well as sleeping early and her, sleeping in and staying up late, always conflicted. So finally half a year later, we both agreed to meet up for lunch! After suggesting quite a few places then cancelling and changing my mind LOL, I remembered always wanting to try Finch's and made up my mind on the morning of. Fortunately Maggi is easy going and really does not care where we go.

Our date was for 1:00pm and of course, me being a granny, was there on time while Maggi was stuck in traffic and could not make it until 1:30pm. To prevent her tartiness for making me impulse shop, I wanted to grab some donuts at Cartems and a conveniently located at the time $2.85 Burger. However, I thought it was best not to spoil my appetite and settled for a Mighty Kale from Jugo Juice. Fortunately I made the right choice as she was only fifteen minutes late! Walking in with my drink and feeling guilty it was from Jugo Juice rather than Finch's, Maggi was more than happy to change her previously by the counter seat to a farther away window seat.

After settling down, we walked to the counter and spoke with a friendly as well as helpful clerk and ordered our sandwiches. When the food is ready, a staff member calls out the customer's name and hands them their order. Finch's Tea & Coffee House is a small cafe with only less than ten seats available and I assume most people grab take out. The interior is cute, dainty as well as rustic and has a relaxing atmosphere, un-rushed.

The tea has a green tea flavour with a mild and gentle aroma of cherry blossom.

The baguette tastes fresh as well as soft and not too chewy, although Maggi would have preferred it toasted, I enjoyed it as is. The bread does not overwhelm the taste of the ingredients and holds up well. As for the ingredients, the slices of pear taste ripe therefore sweet as well as soft; the slices of brie have a good thickness and seems to be cambozola because of the tiny specks of blue and creamy taste which I prefer; a good amount of prosciutto, not stingy at all; and the walnuts provide a nice crunch. I actually quite enjoyed this, a sandwich with some of my favourite ingredients and it works.

The gypsy salami was recommended by the clerk and to add applewood cheddar as well, this is also Maggi's preferred choice. The sandwich tastes fresh and has a good amount of greens, salami, two slices of tomato and nice thick slices of applewood cheddar. For me, the highlight is definitely the cheddar since I always love thick cuts of cheese in a sandwich and to be honest, even if it was regular cheddar I would be fine with it. As for the salami, I am not a fan and it is never a preferred choice for me, I just find it nothing special. However, the sandwich tastes good and is well made, nothing fell out and it holds up well. Also, the taste of the pesto mayonnaise seemed to be missing throughout the sandwich, although on my very last bite when it was an end piece of bread left, it did taste quite good with just the bread.

TOTAL $24.45 + TIP $2.55 = $27.00.

Overall we enjoyed our lunch and both agree that Finch's serves pretty good sandwiches and would revisit.

- Friendly and helpful staff
- Above average eats

- May have long line ups during peak hours

- C'est la vie a Maggi's post [here]
- Although a different type of sandwich, I prefer coming here than Hubbub Sandwiches or Meat & Bread and will revisit for the pear, brie and prosciutto!

Food: 3/5
Service: 5/5 (N/A but friendly staff!)

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