Friday, July 19, 2013

Cactus Club Cafe : Coquitlam location

After our horrible dinner at Poor Italian Ristorante, we decided to get frozen yogurt at Yogen Fruz and have dinner at Cactus Club after.

Is this photo too dark? (Original)

Is this better? (Brightened and HD)

We ordered the potato skins, chicken wings, beef carpaccio, key lime pie, chocolate lava cake and raincoast greens.

The first dish is the potato skins, blended cheeses, alder smoked bacon, fresh chives, spicy yogurt ($10.75). Cactus Club has my favourite potato skins, they are never soggy and always done with a perfect crisp. A lot better than Boston Pizzas'

The second dish is the beef carpaccio, peppercorn crusted canadian tenderloin, dijon aioli, pickled shallots, capers, grana padano, crostini ($14.50). The slices are cut well and the dish is properly made.

The next dish are the chicken wings ($11.00). This is probably the worst photo, is it worth putting up LOL? The wings are not as good as Boston Pizzas' and can be passed unless you are craving wings. It is average and not as juicy as other places or tasty.

My favourite salad here, the raincoast greens, grilled chicken breast avocado, egg, feta, spicy pecans, berries, lemon-thyme vinaigrette ($16.25). At this location, I have only had my chicken really dry and not good once, other than that one time, it is usually good. I love this salad because it is not too overly saucy and I love pecans. They have occasionally forgot to add pecans 3/10 times. I sometimes ask for parmesan cheese instead of feta.

My dessert is the key lime pie, freshly squeezed key limes, graham cracker crust, hand whipped cream ($?). My FAVOURITE key lime pie is at Cactus Club, and it is a lot better than Gothams'. It is just so perfect. The fluffy whipped cream, the graham bits tossed over the plate, the perfect soft texture of the key lime pie that has a bit of sourness that makes you cringe but it is not that bad, and the crust itself, I love it.

My boyfriend's dessert is the chocolate lava cake, molten dark chocolate, tahitian vanilla ice cream ($?). This is his favourite place for lava cake, he prefers it more than True Confections' and Joeys'.

Overall, I only recommend Cactus Club as a place for appetizers or late night dinners. I would never recommend it for dinner because you will probably find something to complain about. I have had their ribs before which are not that good and some other dishes that were probably so bad I do not remember. I like Cactus Club because I come here for their salad, potato skins and key lime pie.

Service wise, coming here late night is a lot better than during lunch or dinner time since they are more busy, but usually it is okay.

Here are some photos from other times at different locations,

Coquitlam location: calamari ($12.50), raincoast greens ($16.25).

English Bay location: raincoast greens ($16.25)

 Burnaby location: crispy yam fries ($8.00), fish tacos ($14.00), key lime pie ($?).

West Broadway location: tuna tataki ($14.50) and fish tacos ($14.00).

Food: 4/5 (Only based on what I order, it can easy be a 3/5)
Service: 3/5

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