Friday, July 12, 2013

Chubby Lamb Hot Pot

Chubby lamb is one of BF and I's regular all you can eat hot pot restaurants in Richmond. The owner is really friendly, the staff are attentive, and we come here for their herbal chicken broth. However, tonight our waitress gave us the wrong soup base so I am not sure which broth we had. Also, it kind of disappointed me because we never order this type of broth, it was our waitress's mistake, and the owner did not back us up especially when we are here more than once a week! Although she did think that we wanted to try something new instead of sticking to our usual... but still, it sucked because I came here for the herbal chicken broth!

Broth and slices of lamb as well as beef.

Mushroom tofu puff, pork dumpling, fish tofu, tofu skin, squash and winter melon.

Slices of lamb.
Our waitress was putting down the vegetables and the whole thing dropped lol. She also oddly walked away and let us clean up the mess (which we did not mind).

Sliced beef, fish slices and mussels.

Below is our usual Chinese chicken herbal broth! So good…

Most AYCE hot pot restaurants are the same to me and there are specific ones I go to for certain reasons. For example, I come here for their Chinese pancake (which I forgot to take a photo of), Claypot for their xiao long baos (which are average at best, but something different when having hot pot), and Cattle Hot Pot for their deep fried buns and deep fried tofu.

- Friendly owner and staff
- Open late night

- Wrong soup base incident tonight

- I prefer Chubby Lamb over the other two hot pot restaurants on Alexandra since there is never a line up and the owner is friendly

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5

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