Monday, July 29, 2013

Hing Fung Restaurant

I am not ready to eat chinese food yet, and my boyfriend tricked me into coming here. This is the restaurant we were planning on visiting before (but it was too busy so we went to Star Anise on Monday). The first time we tried going, there was a long line up out the door and for 45 minutes on  a Monday. This time, we came Saturday evening and it was empty. The reason I got tricked is because my boyfriend said he looked at the menu, and there is a really good lobster dish that is is made TWO DIFFERENT WAYS. Oh cool, I guess I will suck it up and go.

We ordered steamed halibut with hot pepper, steamed chicken in chinese wine and lobster.

So.... when I mentioned about being tricked, yeah. This is what my boyfriend was talking about. A two lobster set dinner.. nothing special. I do not like hong kong cafes because of their set menus since I feel restricted, and this place reminds me of a hong kong cafe. Basically the deal is 2 lobsters, 2 menu items, soup and dessert.

The first dish is the soup of the day in a small bowl with a piece of carrot and chinese vegetable. It is nothing special, a bit too salty, and is available complimentary at other chinese restaurants when you order any dish.

The second dish is (2) 2lb lobster in supreme broth. HUH? When I heard my boyfriend order lobster with cream and butter sauce, I thought that is not unique at all, so I changed it to supreme broth since it was just a generic lobster that I can get at any other chinese restaurant and it is my usual. There are 2 lobsters which are barely 2lbs each. The lobsters are missing quite a few pieces of meat as well as the claws. But it is very tender since they are so small.

The third dish is the steamed halibut with hot pepper. The halibut pieces are a bit too hard and over steamed. The broth has a nice spiciness to it without being saucy which I prefer.

The last dish is the steamed chicken in chinese wine. The chicken is chewy, tough, hard and there are tiny bits of bones in every piece. The broth is not too winey which I like, and the wolf berries make the dish look pretty. 

For dessert, coconut tapioca soup. It is luke warm, bland and watered down.

Overall, this restaurant may have good dishes and I know for sure we ordered the wrong ones. If we ordered more generic and the usual available dishes at chinese restaurants, such as a vegetable with beef, bitter melon, sweet and sour pork or deep fried tofu, it could have been good.

So this is my calculation...

Steamed halibut with hot pepper ($13.95)
Steamed chicken in chinese wine ($13.95)
Soup of the day (usually complimentary)
Dessert (always complimentary)
Lobster (/lb?)
So that is ($13.95 x 2) = $ 27.90

$68.00 - $27.90 = $40.10 for the lobsters.

If we went to a chinese restaurant for a 2.5lb lobster, it would have been $45.00-$50.00 with full meat and claws. Is this a good deal? Of course not. When did I know I was tricked? When I told my boyfriend to do his thing and said I was going to eat anything, until I heard him tell our server "lobster with cream and butter sauce." That is when I knew no special lobster dishes are available or if they have unique lobster dishes. This is more of a vent if anything.

Service wise, only us and another table were here, so no complaints about service.

Would I come back when I am not sick of chinese food to try their actual real dishes here? Meh, maybe if I wanted to try hong kong dishes and their set menus for a blog post, other then that, I will pass. I do believe Hing Fung would not be bad though.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5

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