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Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar


Gotham's steaks, the beef is prime Alberta, dry-aged for 28 days, and seasoned carefully to bring out the big flavour guests expect from a premium steak house.

Everyone basically knows what Gotham is known for, either the best steak in Vancouver or for their high prices. However, BF thinks Gotham is only average and I agree. On a Monday evening, the restaurant was fairly quiet as well as slow, with only five seated tables including us. When the hostess seated us, I asked if we could get a table upstairs. Fortunately we were able to after she asked the server.

The second floor was very quiet, with just the two of us. Around 10:00pm, the restaurant was pretty empty and we were the only ones left. We were seated on the balcony with a view of the downstairs. The restaurant's interior is dimly lit, spacious and comfortable. Black leather chairs or high burgundy velour booths are the two available seating options, and every table has a small lamp.

The crumb tastes soft as well as fluffy, and has a slight onion flavour with a firm exterior. I like any kind of bread whether cheap, average or expensive. However, I never really care for Gotham's, probably because of the slight onion taste. I love onions but ehh.. not fused with bread.

BF always orders the jumbo shrimp, but the Chinese side of me wants to choose something else for around the same price LOL. The ahi tuna is evenly seared but tastes slightly too salty because of the steak seasoning. Some people mention that Gotham's prices are steep too, but the tuna is only $1.00 higher than most restaurants.


The bisque tastes somewhat rich and flavourful, but there is an unpleasant slight burnt flavour. Top of Vancouver's lobster bisque is a lot tastier and has a richer lobster flavour.

The chowder has a pretty rich and creamy consistency, and is one of the better chowders I have ever had thus far. Moreover, the chowder tastes very flavourful and the price is a good value. However, Forage's is still one of the best ones.

The sides at Gotham are a la carte and we ordered the creamed corn along with a side of steamed broccoli. The creamed corn tastes sooo good ohmygosh. BF thinks the corn tastes too creamy but I think it is perfect. I wish we got the sides earlier so I could have added some to my chowder too lol. Honest to truth, the creamed corn tastes better than the steaks and I even packed up the leftovers for home!

BF really dislikes the corn though and thinks it is "gross and disgusting, resembling the cans of Green Giant Creamed Style Corn". As for the steamed broccoli, the vegetable tastes average and perfectly cooked with a soft crunchy. The pieces could have been cut smaller though.

24oz PORTERHOUSE STEAK ($57.95).
The porterhouse steak has a slight crispy crust and nice looking grill marks. Furthermore, the steak is prepared to a medium rare as requested. Despite the juicy steak however, the meat tastes fairly dry. There is a tasteful seasoning though and the quality of steak is good, it just the porterhouse tastes dry.

24OZ BONE-IN RIB STEAK ($56.95).
The bone-in rib steak also exhibits nice grill marks along with a slight crisp crust. In addition, the rib steak is prepared to a medium rare as requested and tastes tender along with juicy. The rib steak tastes a lot better than the porterhouse and juicer.

Lesson learned: rib steak over the porterhouse for the next visit. The only odd thing is that the steak does to have a bone… weird eh? We planned on giving the bone to the dogs too. I have never been to any restaurant that served a "bone-in" steak with no bone.

KEY LIME PIE ($11.00).
The crust tastes overly sweet and has a few chunks of unappetizing sugar crystals, which is most likely from not preparing the crust properly. As for the filling, there is a rich tart flavour rather than sweet and a strong lime taste. The filling tastes smooth and there is plenty of lime zest. Personally I still prefer Cactus Club's key lime pie more and the highlight of the dessert is the fresh whipped cream.

- Good quality steaks
- Despite the empty restaurant, the server was kind and had no problems seating us upstairs
- Chowder is averagely priced and tastes pretty good

- One of the priciest steakhouses
- No bone in the "bone-in" steak
- Friendly service but could have been more attentive (forgot drink orders)

- Revisit post on Gotham [here]
- Server was friendly in the beginning - asked if it was our first visit to Gotham, explained the menu and   when we asked for change for the parking meter, he offered to get the valet boy to feed the meter for us. It would have been nice if he checked up on us but I was more than pleased just to sit upstairs. I mean, he must have hated going up the stairs just for the two of us. I did feel obligated to tip 25% because he was quite friendly and a few other waitstaff occasionally walked up to see if we needed anything without being intrusive. Furthermore, our server offered to take some photos of us (but that was after the tip)
- I do not believe in having too much steak but I would not be in a rush to come back since the food never "wows" me. When I had Coast's tenderloin, it was amazing. I was shocked and talked about the steak for days. And still do, but Gotham's was more "mehh"

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

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