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Jejudo is a newer restaurant in the Lougheed Burnaby area and is Korean owned, serving Japanese cuisine. Some of their dishes are over priced, over priced for what it is, and some of the prices are average. On our visit, the restaurant was empty and the hostess was not friendly.

The sashimi is evenly seared and tastes tender, but the exterior is slightly chewy.

The assorted sashimi includes five slices of tuna and three salmon. As for the slices, the sashimi is short as well as thick and are not too big. Both the tuna as well as the salmon tastes fresh and there are no complaints.

JEJUDO ROLL ($10.00).
The Jejudo is a dynamite roll that is topped with salmon sashimi and hot sauce. The restaurant offers a few specialty rolls which range from $10.00 - $13.00, but the menu does not explain what the rolls are! So we took the chance, tried the Jujudo, and the roll is simple enough for me.


This is the worst dish from the dinner. BF enjoyed the first sip of broth but then he noticed all the mud and sand in the clams!

My phone could not pick up the mud and sand that clear, so the photo is really blurry. The clams are not properly prepared and honestly, how hard is it to boil them in hot water first? This is really disgusting and I cannot understand why a cook could be so lazy. Furthermore, this is really wasteful because the dirt is visible in the udon and then you see the muddy clams. The nabeyaki udon itself and the ingredients seemed better than Matoi's too, but for a restaurant to do their clams like this is a no no.

ALASKA ROLL ($9.00).
I ordered the alaska roll because the price is practically double of what most Japanese restaurants charge. Plus, we came here because I was craving an alaska roll LOL. However, when the roll arrived, I was upset because it is not a generic alaska roll. There are sauces drizzled on the roll and a chunk of cream cheese, ingredients that I do not prefer on sushi rolls. In addition, I was upset because the cream cheese is not even mentioned on the menu! We wasted the roll because neither of us like cream cheese and despite trying to scoop it out, there was ridiculously too much (which is good for cream cheese fans!).

At the end of dinner when we grabbed the bill, we showed our server the mud in the clam shells and the dirt in the broth. She did not seem to care and just went "oh?". If this was at another restaurant, they would offer a new order since BF did not touch the nabeyaki udon, remove it from the bill, or at least apologize… she did none. Although in her defence we did not ask, but customers should not anyways!

Overall, I feel like the owners and staff are honestly more friendlier towards Koreans. Our waitress looked miserable and it was hard to wave her down, despite the empty restaurant! You know someone is truly pleased or unpleased with a restaurant when they add the restaurant on Urbanspoon, just to write a review about their experience. Furthermore, I came back later to grab a take out menu for pricing references. I would like to say the staff was friendlier the second time around… but they were not! I was standing by the door for five minutes while some of the staff looked at me and did not say a word. Then, I go back to the car and  tell BF there are people looking at me but not saying anything! Fortunately, a waitress who was outside told me the restaurant is closed (why did no one inside the restaurant tell me that?!).

- Korean friendly
- Assorted sashimi is average (2.5/5)

- Mediocre food
- Mud and dirt in the nabeyaki udon (-5/5)
- Staff does not care about their customers
- Higher prices compared to the Japanese restaurants in the area

Food: 1.5/5
Service: 0/5

Jejudo on Urbanspoon

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