Friday, August 9, 2013

Bao Sushi

I wanted a few sushi rolls an hour before dinner since I am starving. I know Ki Sushi in New Westminster is average/good (ugh I miss their dim sum restaurant!), so I wanted to try a new place. My reactions are a family owned restaurant, very quiet, and could be busy at times for people who want cheaper sushi than Ki Sushi.

The rainbow roll, negitoro roll and dynamite roll.

The rainbow roll ($5.94). I like how there is sockeye salmon which is something different. The sashimi is a bit on the warmer side and the avocados are really warm too. If I wanted to be picky, the sashimi is really thin.

The negitoro roll ($2.50). I do not really have a comment on this, it is not as yummy as other negitoro rolls but it is passable.

The dynamite roll ($3.50). This roll is really loose and I am not used to the carrots inside the roll. The tempura is meh.

For the price, no complaints. I was really hungry and did not pay attention to anything really. BUT the oddest thing did happen after. Around 30 minutes after I finished, my tongue felt really numb and it felt like thousands of tiny vibrations non stop. I called my mom and to see what that would mean, she asked if I ate anything that is not fresh and I said no (just to see what it is about), and she said that is usually the only case O_O and only happens if you ate something that is not fresh. I wonder if it is from the sashimi? Anyways, I did not get sick from it... yet, so I am sure it is fine. If I do come here, I would stick with the safe rolls (california, dynamite.. anything without sashimi). For the price you pay, Sushi California, Sushi Town and Sushi Garden are around the same price and a lot better. Meh, I would suck it up and just go to Ki Sushi and wait for the line if there is one, unless I wanted like a teriyaki or something that is cooked.

Oh yeah, the rice for the rolls were really warm too. If I wanted warm sushi rolls, I would make them at home when I am too hungry to wait for the rice to cool down -.-

Food: 1.5/5
Service: 3/5 (Owners are friendly)

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