Friday, August 9, 2013

Vera's Burger : West Broadway location

The first time I heard about Vera's was around 3 or 4 years ago, apparently they are supposed to be one of the best burger stands. I finally had the chance to come and my experience was not that great, but I did overcome my fear of eating alone. I hate the idea of eating alone and especially at an unfamiliar place. 

I stood at the front with the cashier staring at me as I am looking through all the choices, and since I am an awkward person, I felt bad when he was being "attentive" and felt rushed. I wanted a burger with bacon, but I could not find it on the menu and ended up with Vera's classic. My whole experience of looking at the menu is probably 2 minutes, but it felt like 10 minutes from my anxiety (yes, from ordering a burger). He then pointed at a sign which shows what toppings are available, I asked for all except the barbecue sauce, and went to sit to take this photo. I originally wanted the burger to go and be on my way to meet my sister, but she told me to stay and wait 15 minutes for her. She also mentioned the burger is served in a basket and thought I might like that.

The cow booths are kind of cute and something different. I was surprised this little place is quite ventilated. 

The burger comes like this.

Vera's classic ($6.99).

I found the bread to be too much and I would definitely order a double burger to make it better next time. I thought since I mentioned that I want everything except the barbecue sauce.. the burger would have came with hot peppers, hot sauce and onions. I got none :(

I like how the burger is fresh and cooked when ordered, but a double order will definitely be better so you do not taste the bread as much and I think it would be juicier. I like the beef patties here more than Five Guys, but I like Five Guys' toppings more. This was around 15 minutes before 6:00pm and it was really dead inside. I do not think it is worth parking and the traffic just to eat here. Meh, I think my experience will be better at a different Vera's. I guess I was expecting something dramatic and more welcoming. At least you get that vibe from Five Guys and Fat Burger. I am pretty sure they should have bacon somewhere here though!!!

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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