Friday, August 9, 2013

Rico 'n Lalo All-Natural Frozen Fruit Bars

I recently got a mini fridge and the first thing I think of is to fill it with popsicles. I was ready to rave about these frozen fruit bars. Until I found a hair.

I am understanding when it comes to restaurants with hair in my food since mistakes can happen. But for prepackaged items? Come on. Especially a popsicle or ice cream? It has NEVER happened to me or anyone I know. I never even hear of this. It really honestly creeps me out. I am not trying to sound like a bitch, but seriously. I find it really uncomfortable.

I have not even been in the mood to open the other fruit bars. My mood for popsicles will be gone for the whole summer. I even stopped getting Magnum ice cream bars from gas stations. I forgot what the term is, but there is something like if you eat a salad at a restaurant and see worms in it, you can sue them because you are traumatized from eating a salad. I thought that was BS and who would get traumatized? I am not saying I am traumatized, but I certainly understand how uncomfortable it would be. Imagine having to double check every bar, not fun -__-

The e-mail response,

Hi Emily:

Thank you very much for letting us know. We make sure that all of our
employees wear hairnets at all times, but mistakes can happen. We will look
further into the issue and see that it will not happen again.

Thanks again,


An apology would have been nice.

Food: 0
Service: 0

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