Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cafe Pacifica at the Pan Pacific Hotel (2nd visit)


ADULTS $52.00 SENIORS $48.00 CHILDREN (6-12) $26.00 (New prices)
ADULTS $49.00 SENIORS $44.00 CHILDREN (6-12) $24.50 (Old prices)
METER PARKING: $2.00/24 minutes

I wanted to try Herons West Coast Kitchen at the Fairmont Waterfront (again, just like last time), but the brunch buffet is no longer available and is only a la carte. I thought okay, we can try Oru at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. But, they only have a breakfast buffet or a la carte, darn. Since parking has been paid, we decided to be stuck with Pan Pacific. BF gave me the option of going to Griffins, but I thought he secretly wanted to go to Pan Pacific so I chose here. Plus, I was too chicken shit to take photos last time and thought I can take them today.

Usually every time we come, the restaurant is only 30%-40% full and today it was 70% full! I have never seen so many people here and it was pretty busy. A lot of people say it is stupid for me to be embarassed to take photos, and the reason why I do it stealthy is because I am embarrassed. Today, a lady actually gave me a dirty look! I was so discouraged. She was around her 30s and I felt so shitty after.

Apple juice, orange juice and grapefruit juice.

The pastries.

The fruit. Cantaloupe, honey dew, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. Pan pacific and Top of Vancouver has the largest selection of fruit for brunch downtown. The watermelon today was not very ripe and luckily I found a few pieces that were probably the best.

 Tomato and bocconcini salad, and beans.

The cheese plate and bread.

Prawns and snow crab legs. The prawns did not taste as fresh as the first couple visits and I like how the snow crab legs are not salty!

Asparagus, ceviche (a bit too sour for me) and pasta.

My first plate consisting of fruit, asparagus, smoked salmon and cold cut chicken. The chicken is a bit tougher than the first couple of visits but it is still a bit moist. The first couple of visits the chicken was cooked perfectly.

The bacon and sausages. It is frustrating that all the bacon was clumped together and made me think whoever cooked these were too lazy to separate the pieces.

The egg benedicts with ham. I am spoiled by Griffins benedicts so I prejudged on the looks and passed. I remember they were not that great the first two times and the english muffin was soggy.

The potatoes and vegetables.

The slow baked salmon with yuzu citrus beurre blanc. The salmon pieces are a tiny bit overcooked and stiff. The last two visits have been cooked perfectly if not overcooked and either way, the salmon pieces are not bad. The sauce is really light which is good for me.

The vegetable spring rolls. Not sure why this photo is so dark O_O.

The shao mai, pork dumplings.

The har gow, shrimp dumplings.

The halibut wellington with hollandaise sauce. I never tried these here and I thought I should today. The halibut is moist and pastry is flaky.

The roasted leg of lamb. Two out of three times it has been lamb instead of prime rib for me and I never really like the lamb. I always find it too chewy.

The omelette bar.

The first time my boyfriend or I went to the omelette bar. He got a mushroom omelette and it is fluffy but would have been better if the mushrooms were sauteed first (can't be too picky right!).

The black bean chicken stir fry.

The singapore fried noodles with chinese mushrooms and red peppers.

My second plate consisting of potatoes, lamb, steak, bacon and crab legs. The steak is a bit overcooked than medium rare but is still flavourful.

My third plate consisting of crab legs, salmon, halibut wellington, cantelope, honey dew and smoked salmon. Unfortunately this was my last plate and I did not get dessert! We had to rush off and UGH I WANTED MY CREME CARAMEL! At least the desserts were the first photos I took so I have them :( The only thing I like is their creme caramel because I only like plain cheesecake or chinese fruit cake.

Creme caramel, coconut cake, cupcakes (never sen before), pudding and jello cups, creme brulee, 

mousse cakes (raspberry, mango), chocolate cake and cream puffs.

After coming here for a third time, I do believe my favourite brunch buffet is Griffins because of the quality and service. The service today is a lot better than last time because we actually had a server this time. I think in general I am spoiled from my first visit. On my first visit, our sever brought us orange juice and never let the glass go empty. Now servers seem to say "you can grab juice at the front." The only issue if anything was that it was kind of hard waving someone down to get the bill and we brought the bill up to our server in the end, meh. I would recommend coming here just to try it out, but Griffins will be my regular brunch buffet. It seems like every time I am here there is always dirty cutlery, but that is probably my bad luck.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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