Sunday, August 11, 2013

Griffins Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver


WHY THE @#$% IS THIS PLACE CLOSED NOW? Honestly, one of the best if not the best, Sunday buffet brunches.

This is my first time coming here for brunch, I have been here for afternoon tea (900 West Lounge) and I love it.

The restaurant's interior is so cute.

Most of the people here are seniors and it makes me feel like Pan Pacific is more modern.

ADULT $44.00 CHILDREN 6-12 $22.00 METER PARKING $4.00/hour

The salad bar consisting of romaine, spinach and arugula, quinoa, fruit, yogurt, yogurt with granola, tomatoes and cheese, mussels, boiled eggs, tuna, dungeness crab, shrimp cocktail,

oranges, grape fruit, lemon wedges, tomatoes, cucumber, croutons, parmesan cheese and dressings.

Butter and bread.

My first plate consisting of boiled eggs, tuna, bread and butter, dungeness crab, oranges and grapefruit, and a fruit cup. The fruit cup has mint leaves which is good for people who like mint leaves. I wish they had a bigger selection of fruit, this is something they did not refill. The bread and butter is what it is, the boiled eggs are plain and simple, the tuna is good and the fruit is fresh. The crab legs are fresh as well.

His first plate.

The cooked food bar consisting of bacon, sausages, pancakes, waffles,

salmon and ham egg benedicts, eggplant slices, potatoes, 

cooked prawns, clams/mussels, fish, salmon, pork and chicken.

My second plate consisting of bacon, salmon, eggplant, mussels/clams and pork. I love that the bacon is pan fried and not deep fried! There are lots of soft bacon which I prefer and they also have crunchier one as well. The salmon is a bit tiny overcooked but it is SO tasty. The mussels/clams are fresh and the sauce hides the seafood taste. The pork is tender, and the eggplant is a bit kind of chewy.

His second plate.

The omelette bar and prime rib.

Prime rib, au jus, mustard and horse radish.

My third plate consisting of a salmon egg benedict, salmon belly, bread and butter, prime rib, cracker and prosciutto. Ohmygod the prime rib is SO TENDER and MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. Yeah, at brunch? SERIOUSLY. I am surprised the prime rib is so good and forgot to get more. I saw someone take a piece like a steak and thought I should have done that! The little 2 pieces of prosciutto were the only ones left, wah. The salmon is the second batch and is perfectly cooked and tender, yum. The bread kind of has a lingering taste of blue cheese and I did not like it. The salmon egg benedict is perfect. What? A perfect egg benedict at brunch? YEAH.

The egg is poached perfectly and the english muffin is toasted and crisp. The hollandaise sauce is really light too. How can other restaurants fail when giving you a fresh egg benedict, and this one is pre made and perfect!

His third plate.

The charcuterie bar.

Pastries, cereal, milk and toast.

The dessert bar consisting of cream puffs, creme caramel, fruit tarts,

cheese cake and mousse cakes.

My dessert plate consisting of cream puffs, stolen white chocolate from the displays, and cheesecake. The cream puffs are fresh but tastes average. I think if the shell was a bit tastier it would be better (this coming from a girl who likes the cheap frozen ones from grocery stores -.-). The cheesecake is pretty good and the texture is perfect. The star which I thought was a cookie is really soft, I am not sure what it is.

My creme caramel. It is perfect in sweetness and texture.

His dessert is the chocolate mousse with white chocolate shavings. He says it is really sweet.

I am so surprised with the brunch! I expected the food to be a bit under average since it a buffet brunch, but the food is definitely a bit above average. The quality control is really good and most likely one of the best buffet brunches. The selection is a bit limited, but the taste of the food makes up for that. If I was being picky, some smoked salmon and capers would be nice as well as a larger fruit selection. Pan Pacific does have a larger selection of food, but they have less dishes that are actually good compared to Griffins. The bacon being pan fried, egg benedicts, and the prime rib are pretty good here, no complaints.

The service is a bit above average, not as good as Top of Vancouver's, but better than Pan Pacific's. The cooks are definitely trained well and they constantly check what items to refill.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5

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