Friday, August 23, 2013

Pajo's Fish & Chips

Pajo's is located at the Steveston pier in Richmond and word of the mouth is, the fast food joint serves the best fish n' chips. As for my experiences, unfortunately I have experienced many misses with the ratio being 4:0. Fortunately though, my first positive experience brings me to 4:1!

What started out as a leisurely bike ride, ended up in Richmond... 40km later! When we arrived, she really wanted Pajo's and being hesitant at first because I have never had a positive experience here before, I was too tired to think of another place to eat. Usually I go for the halibut but she recommends the salmon and says it is a lot better.

We both went for the salmon and passed on the fries, since neither of us wanted any.

To start, hers are heavily battered and extremely crunchy. In addition, the meat tastes a bit dry but not overly.

As for mine which took much longer than hers despite ordering together, were a lot better. Surprisingly the pieces of salmon are nicely battered with a light crispiness, rather than a hard crunch. Furthermore, despite the salmon slightly over-fried as well, the meat does not taste as dry as hers. Actually, the pieces of salmon I got are pretty good.

All in all, on my first four visits; I have always tried out Pajo's on a weekday, ordered the halibut along with fries, and every single time… the food was soggy! Every order has been pre-made as well as sitting there, and I thought people were crazy for lining up for soggy food. However, this time, I FINALLY received a fresh order! I am so glad my fifth visit was pretty good and not bad (this visit did suck for my friend though, heh). Furthermore, BF permanently banned this place because of the long line ups, in the heat, to get soggy food.

- Located on the pier
- When the food is actually fresh
- Usually the staff is meh, but the guy who handed me my order was SUPER friendly

- Food is inconsistent (more misses than hits)
- For the unluck… soggy food

Food: 2.5/5
Service: N/A

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