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Yan's Garden Restaurant 潮樓海鮮酒家

When I went to SFU, I used to come here for dim sum a few times since it is only 10 minutes away. Then I realized it was not worth coming here anymore, Hastings is 10 minutes away as well, and any other dim sum restaurant would be better.  I have been here for dinner before and I find it average, not bad for the Lougheed and borderline Coquitlam area. I will admit that the soup for the 3 course peking duck is not bad and they only messed it up once because 2 tables ordered it (I guess they combined everything so the soup was really bland).  The only reason why Yan's Garden is somewhat busy is because it is one of the only Chinese restaurants in the area, and before it was just Yan's Restaurant (when he had his show Wok with Yan) before they expanded the restaurant.

Anyways, my boyfriend has not been here as much as I have and he does not understand why I boycott Yan's. The reason is because I hate the service and it is not just your "typical" chinese restaurant service. The servers always act like they are doing you a favour and if you ask for something, they look at you like you owe them. Even the manager today looked annoyed and forgot my pop. I am a really reasonable person, but when any restaurant is not at least 50% full and they are over staffed, I would like average service. 

The photo I took makes the inside so nice. I like the flowers, I have never seen any here before.

This is the quieter side of the restaurant and where you are seated if the main room is full.

Meh, this is the same room. I was too embarrassed to take a photo of the main room. I can tell you the main room is not very big though, which means the restaurant is extremely loud and everyone is trying to over talk the next person.

The first push cart. I remember they used to have order forms, but I guess it is just push carts now because they raised their prices ($2.95 -> $3.95 -> $4.30-$4.80). I find it kind of silly because their push carts are so limited and I cannot always remember what I want.

The sticky wrap with chinese sausage ($4.30). The wrap is really plain and I guess it is kind of nice there is a slice of chinese sausage and a bit of sauce with beef for the price you pay. I prefer T&Ts more.

The steamed spareribs with black bean sauce ($?). The spareribs are not salty or oily and just average. The pumpkin is sliced super duper thin and drenched in oil at the bottom, which kind of sucks for me since I could not eat it.

The chicken claws with black bean sauce ($?). The chicken feet is not bad and average. The skin is soft which is different and nice.

The second push cart.

The deep fried stuffed eggplants ($?). I find this average, I like how I stopped her in time and she did not put any sauce on. The eggplant is not really tasty and a bit undercooked (this is coming from someone who prefers their eggplants less cooked too).

The baked egg custard tarts ($?). The egg tarts are below average and one of the worst ones I ever had. A newbie to baking can make a better crust if they follow the recipe. The crust is not flaky and has the texture of bread. I like the color of the custard but it tastes below average.

The baked barbecue pork pastries ($?). I will admit these used to be really good! Now I find them average. The pastry is nice and flaky, and the filling is sweet but not overly sweet.

K, seriously what's up with this lady? She passed my boyfriend and I (as well as the table across from us), and my boyfriend waves her down asking for some congee. She stops to comes back, then suddenly asks the table across from us if they want congee before serving us the congee that my boyfriend asked for. The other table did not even ask or want congee, or wave her down. She actually CLOSED the congee lid and was about to push the cart away and my boyfriend had to remind her again we wanted congee. At least the dim sum ladies at Pink Pearl back then were all friendly and positive. I swear they sold their items like they were based on commission! 

The congee with lean pork and century egg ($?). The congee is not bad and is flavourful. The only thing is that the pork was all clumped together and it was really hard to get it apart.

Meh. Dim sum was only $2.95 before (who will complain over that?), then it bumped to $3.95, and now it is in the $4.30-$4.80 range (not including speciality or kitchen dishes). Yeah, it is the only dim sum restaurant in the area for locals and I am sure many of them do not mind the restaurant. But then there are many people like me and will spend the extra 20 minutes driving elsewhere for better dim sum if it is the same price anyways.

I managed to find a photo of dinner from here. This is the first time we ordered the 3 course peking duck and it was good. The second time was really bad and our server did not even know how to cut it properly. Knowing my boyfriend, he would probably want to try it again sometime this year.

Food: 2/5
Service: 0.5/5

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