Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bagel Street Cafe

Bagel Street Cafe is located in North Burnaby at the Kensington Square. The cafe has bagels, sandwiches, panini, baked goods, fresh orange juice and ice cream. The cafe is a small Korean owned family business and one of my favourite go to's in Burnaby. The only worthy places to eat at the Kensington Square is Cockney's and here.

The cafe has a large variety of bagel sandwiches and the staff has no problem accommodating any customer's request. Bagels are freshly made as well as baked every morning with no preservatives, and day old packages of bagels are sold at a discounted price for only $2.10. With nine options of cream cheese, spinach and feta, plain, chive and garlic, jalapeño, artichoke and sun dried tomato, greek, herb and spice, dill, and strawberry, even a picky eater can be satisfied.

Bagels get sold fast and the downside to visiting on a late weekday is that your options are limited. The newest addition to the cafe's menu is fresh turkey breast. Luckily I was here on the first day to try it.

TURKEY BREAST BAGEL SANDWICH ON AN EVERYTHING BAGEL ($4.59). Before making the sandwiches, staff members always confirm the condiments on the sandwich as well as the toppings, in this case it was mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ sauce, salt, pepper, all the vegetables (romaine, grass, tomato, red onions, cucumber, and green pepper) and cheddar cheese. The bagel sandwich tastes refreshing as well as healthy and the turkey breast tastes juicy. I only chose mayonnaise and mustard for my sandwich and did not taste heavy or dry.

My usual choice of bagel is the BC'S FINEST SMOKED SALMON WITH CAPERS AND ONIONS ($7.45). I used to only get this and nothing else, but now I can mix it up a bit with their turkey breast sandwiches since I am here weekly. Below are some photos of the smoked salmon bagel from different times, always consistent and tasty.

- Friendly staff, always
- Freshly made bagels every morning, no preservatives

- Chicken breast is half processed but they are working on changing it

- I like to get the everything bagel, sesame or whole wheat sesame
- Friendly owners are a big reason to why I am constantly back

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5

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