Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant 豐澤樓

Attempt #2 on dining at Koon Bo failed, and somehow we ended up at Taste Good Wonton Seafood. When entering the restaurant, I was surprised there was two to three tables on a snowy Monday evening and the staff was not so welcoming. The interior of the restaurant is clean, spacious, has comfortable seating and around twelve tables.


SOUP OF THE DAY, WINTER MELON PORK SOUP ($8.80). The winter melon pork soup is a typical house soup and somewhat pricey for only three and a half bowls. Since the broth is water in a way, three or five bowls costs the restaurant the same. The soup has a pork broth taste with a slight sweetness from the carrots.

3LB HOUSE SPECIAL CRAB, SPICY WITH DRIED SHRIMP AND DEEP FRIED GARLIC ($16.80/LB). The house special was recommended by the waitress. The crab has a slightly moist and damp saucy texture, rather than a dry and crisp. The seasoning tastes like a house sauce with deep fried garlic and a slight spiciness. The house special resembles the taste of spicy salt chilli, with the spicy salt replaced by deep fried garlic. Ken's Chinese Restaurant has a similar version of deep fried crab that tastes a lot better. 

SAUTEED SCALLOPS WITH BROCCOLI ($20.80). The scallops are not properly rinsed and has a salty and unpleasant taste (scallops needs to be rinsed under hot water to remove the white milky stuff that tastes gooey and salty when pan fried). Aside from the scallops which should be the highlight of the dish, the broccoli tastes soft and a bit overcooked, with no slight crunch. The dish is $1.00 more than Sun Sui Wah's but Sun Sui Wah's tastes a lot better, plus, their dish had some dried scallops too.

STICKY FRIED RICE WITH CHINESE SAUSAGE ($14.80). The fried rice tastes like typical sticky fried rice and is nothing special. The rice has a few lumps and could have been properly blended. The ingredients in the dish are peanuts, chinese sausage, egg, dried shrimp and green onions. The rice looks more appealing  on the menu and fluffier.

- Nothing tastes salty

- Mid to high class prices and food is not up to standard
- Service and communication can be improved. We ordered a deep fried squab but received deep fried squid, we even pointed at the photo [of the squab] when we ordered. After saying we wanted squab not squid, the waitress says "ohh okay". Thirty minutes later, we asked if the squab was coming and she said they do not have any. IMO she should have mentioned that when we ordered, as well as when we confirmed about the squab
- No plate changes and it took quite a long time to get tea. We were seated by the counter where the owners stayed the whole time too

- Dishes are $1.00-$3.00 higher than prices stated on the menu
- Overpriced. Bill came to a bit under $120.00 after tax and tip, not worth it IMO
- Only our table and another non-Chinese table did not receive dessert soup but every other table did
Sun Sui Wah on Main Street is only fifteen minutes away. Their dishes are slightly cheaper and the food, service and atmosphere is a lot better than here. If in Vancouver, I recommend choosing another restaurant. If in Richmond, I recommend staying in Richmond
- We visited Golden House Seafood the next evening and the dishes tasted above average, the owners are super friendly and the restaurant is only fifteen minutes away as well

Food: 2/5 (considering the price, 1.5/5)
Service: 1.5/5

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