Monday, December 2, 2013

Dasarang Chicken

After driving around Burquitlam, my friend and I contemplated between Church's Chicken or Dasarang for fried chicken. We both agreed to try Dasarang and to get it out of the way. Plus, a restaurant that specializes in chicken and with 80% of the menu consisting of chicken dishes, the chicken must taste good! Dasarang is located in Burquitlam and the Korean restaurant specializes in fried chicken. One of the reasons for procrastinating this visit is because how much fried chicken can you eat in one sitting? I like to have a variety of dishes but not two to three orders of fried chicken with different sauces.

Walking in, it took around five minutes to be seated due to the group of people hanging out at the cashier. The restaurant was surprisingly empty but a table of five showed up near the end of our dinner. Dasarang Chicken is a fairly large restaurant and there half booth seating arrangements along the wall, as well as larger booths for four to six people. 

The salad is fun to munch on especially after having a few pieces of chicken. The thousand island dressing tastes pretty generic, not much to say about it.

HALF AND HALF, HALF FRIED CHICKEN AND HALF YANGNYEOM CHICKEN WITH SPECIAL HOUSE SAUCE "Dasarang's special sauce is unique, zesty and sweet. This is not the typical sweet and sour sauce" ($19.95).

A bucket is provided for the chicken bones. 
The chicken is made to order (in our case), freshly battered and deep fried. Starting with the original fried chicken, it tastes crisp, tender, tasty and lightly seasoned without tasting greasy. As for the yangnyeom chicken, the sauce has a think syrupy texture and tastes slightly spicy with a sweet plum flavour (resembles Chinese plum candies). In addition, the sauce tastes extremely thick and when the pieces of chicken cools down, the sauce sticks to your lips after only one bite. We both preferred the plain fried chicken because we were not a fan of the plum tasting sauce.

The slices of pork belly are sliced extremely thin, the way we like it. However, the meat tastes overcooked, too dry and neither tasty nor fatty. Furthermore, the sauce tastes pretty much like kimchi and the both of us did not enjoy the dish.

- Open late night
- Chicken tastes tender (due to marinade)

- Food is average at best
- No service, unfriendly and miserable looking staff (no need for service technically... but fake a smile, no need to look so miserable when the restaurant is not even busy with annoying customers)
- Asked for some food to go and was a bit shocked when the waitress tossed it on the table. Usually when I read posts like that, I roll my eyes and think people exaggerate

- Cheers Chicken & Noodle House across the street has way better chicken
- Boneless chicken options are available
- I find it hard to believe that two employees who speak perfect English do not know what "a cup of hot water" is. The first time I asked for a cup of hot water, the waitress said "okay" and brought me tea. The second time I asked a waiter and he said "okay". The third time I asked the waitress again and she said "okay" but did not bring anything. The fourth time I asked the waiter again and he said "okay,"…. After following up for the fifth time, I asked the waitress and she said they do not have hot water. WTF is the okay about then? Do not agree to something if the restaurant does not even have it! Geezus

Food: 2.5/5 (jaeyuk dupbop 1/5)
Service: 1.5/5

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