Monday, December 30, 2013

Hubbub Sandwiches

My friend wanted to try Hubbub Sandwiches and we met up for lunch. Being bad with directions as well as street names, I would have found this place a lot easier if I knew it was on the same street as Bacchus and Mac Cosmetics.

Hubbub is a small sandwich shop with limited seating, most likely not an issue since most of their cliental probably grabs food to go. The sandwich shop is very welcoming with friendly staff and information about their sandwiches posted around the restaurant. The menu is very straight forward and states the ingredients in every sandwich. For a "healthier" alternative, salads are available rather than a baguette.


Baguettes are toasted, then smeared with creamy garlic sauce, cilantro and pickled jalapeños before the customers choice of sandwich is prepared. We came in around 11:00am and the shop was empty, but by the time we left there was about four to six customers. Apparently Hubbub gets busy during lunch time, as in line ups out the door.

SOUP, MADE IN HOUSE. CHICKEN WITH QUINOA ($3.89). The soup has a light chicken broth taste without tasting salty and a good amount of quinoa, diced chicken breast meat, carrot and celery. The soup tastes smooth and quinoa provides a bit of texture. 

CHICKEN BREAST, ALL NATURAL, STEEPED IN CITRUS JUICES AND COCONUT MILK ($8.93). The ingredients in the sandwich - chicken breast meat, romaine, pickled jalapeños, cilantro, a thick slice of caramelized onion and creamy garlic sauce. The slices of chicken breast tastes tender as well as moist, and the jalapeños gives the sandwich an above mild spiciness. The cilantro tastes refreshing and the caramelized slice of onion tastes sightly sweet - none of the ingredients overpower another. The baguette is served warm, lightly toasted, holds everything together and tastes soft as well as doughy with a crunchy exterior. The garlic sauce also tastes like mayonnaise but lighter.

PORK, MARINATED FOR 24 HOURS TO BE SPICY AND TENDER, THEN PERFECTLY SLOW ROASTED ($8.49). Romaine, pickled jalapeños, cilantro, a slice of sauteed onion and creamy garlic sauce are included in every sandwich. The pulled pork tastes somewhat flavourless, although tender and a bit moist with a decent amount, it just tastes bland. The baguette did not help either, the bread tastes too hard and took away the taste of the pulled pork. For the chicken breast sandwich, the baguette worked but still could have been better with a different choice of bread.

CLEAN SLAW, CRISP CABBAGE WITH COCONUT, MINT AND CILANTRO IN A LIGHT ZINGY VINAIGRETTE ($2.99). The vinaigrette has a slight coconut and apple cider taste, and the cole slaw tastes slightly sweet, topped with dry shredded coconut.

- Friendly staff

- A different choice of bread could highlight the taste of the ingredients more
- Pulled pork has no hint of spiciness other than the jalapeños

- Meter parking $1.00/24 minutes
- Catered for people who live or work near by
- Sandwich is not very big in person
- Meat & Bread's ciabatta works better but the staff is more friendly here (who else would care but me? LOL)

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

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