Thursday, August 1, 2013

8 Juice

8 Juice is located at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond and is one of my favourite juice stands. Why? Because 8 Juice serves fresh juice with no added water or ice (unless a smoothie or slush option is requested). My favourite and only drink here is pretty much the mango juice!

LARGE $5.23 MEDIUM $4.38 SMALL $3.80

LARGE MANGO JUICE ($5.23). My hands down favourite mango juice, a drink so simple containing nothing but freshly sliced mango. I deliberately walked to an isolated area just to take this photo LOL. 8 Juice also offers stamp cards! I am such a sucker for them especially if I frequently visit. By the way, I am staying at the Radisson today and within fifteen minutes of leaving, I got my banking done and the mango drink! Such a convenient location, located right across from Aberdeen Centre.


LARGE MANGO JUICE ($5.23) AND LARGE PAPAYA SMOOTHIE ($5.23). BF never likes 8 Juice since his papaya smoothie always tastes warm. He did eventually ask for the drink to be cold though, after being annoyed at least 20x.

LARGE MANGO JUICE ($5.23) AND LARGE BEET JUICE ($5.23). My friend liked it.

LARGE MANGO JUICE ($5.23) AND LARGE WATERMELON ($5.23) + COCONUT JELLY ($0.57). The watermelon juice tastes really good but did not go well with the coconut jelly LOL. The coconut jelly makes the drink taste unpleasant, BF always has bad luck with this place.

Food: 5/5 (for fresh juices)
Service: 5/5 (N/A but the staff is never grumpy)

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