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Joey Coquitlam

Some people hate chain restaurants and I am not one of them. I enjoy chain restaurants because I like consistency whether good or bad, and I like to have a certain amount or lack of expectations so I am not annoyed or surprised. A few chain restaurants are considered to have really bad service IMO, so when I go, I can expect that without getting frustrated. Usually I go to chain restaurants for specific dishes.  My two favourite dishes at Joey's would be the sashimi tuna salad and apple pie.

Joey's is a typical dark restaurant with loud music and girls (usually attractive) in black short dresses as your servers.

I only come here for late nights or when I crave for the sashimi tuna salad and apple pie. I would prefer lunch over dinner since I am limited to enjoying only a couple of dishes here.

THE BLAZING WINGS, MOROCCAN SOUP, CALAMARI, RAINBOW ROLL, CHICKEN AND RIBS, AND SASHIMI TUNA SALAD. What? No apple pie? Even though that is the only reason I come here? Yeah, I biked 100km that day and did not want to ruin it with an apple pie :(

The first appetizer is the BLAZING WINGS WITH CREAMY BLUE CHEESE DIP ($11.50). The sauce is actually pretty good and spicy but the wings are dry. The only wings I like from a chain restaurant is Boston Pizza since they are pretty much always perfect. 

The second appetizer is the CALAMARI FRITTO, TEMPURA VEGETABLES, SPICY AIOLI ($12.00). The calamari is slightly over deep fried and tastes average. It seems like I always get over slightly deep fried  or soggy calamari at this location.


Who would order sushi here? Me, as well as people who like plain california rolls. I never have any complaints and it is a given that the roll is overpriced. However, this time the rice is really hard and it is pretty obvious the roll is pre-made and kept in the fridge. I understand why they pre-make rolls and do not expect them to change, since even some of the higher priced west coast restaurants do that as well. But I have never had rice that tastes super hard unless it is my leftover sushi that I keep in the fridge overnight. Yeah, not going to lie, it is kind of a disappointment when the roll is overpriced, but at least the toppings for the roll is not pre-made. The sushi roll (not toppings) tastes like it has been pre-made since the morning. But to be honest, especially for a china restaurant, they should not have served this. The rice is pretty much rock hard.

My entree is the SASHIMI TUNA SALAD, SEARED RARE AHI, MIXED GREENS, MANGO, PEANUTS, AVOCADO, CRISPY NOOLES AND CILANTRO ($17.50). This is my used to be my favourite salad and I love the ahi tuna because it is plain and simple with no seasoning. I swear after the last 2 years, they use less spinach and arugula, and more iceberg and romaine. Or am I crazy? I think I could be crazy. I used to love the salad and I noticed for the last couple of years, I always find myself remembering it never tasted like before (the salad itself, not the tuna). I want to comment more, but I cannot. I mean, I want to say the salad is fresh, crisp and the dressing is light but it is not. The dressing could be lighter and the salad can taste more fresh (even though I know it is made to order). I do recommend the salad though if you like ahi tuna.

His entree is the ROTISSERIE CHICKEN AND RIBS, MASHED POTATOE AND TODAY'S VEGETABLES ($25.00). The chicken is not overcooked, chewy, or flavourful, but it is tender and dry (I personally think the Joeys' in Burnaby makes better chicken). For the ribs, they are somewhat a little bit tender but not really tender and the sauce is average. Surprisingly Boston Pizza's ribs are a lot better considering how Joeys' should be one of the higher chain restaurants.

The last dish is the MOROCCAN CHICKEN SOUP, CHOPPED CILANTRO ($5.50). I find it kind of odd that the soup came with our entrees when it should have came with the appetizers, but meh. Usually when I go to Joeys' I am okay if everything comes at once (preferably soup or salad first though).

The soup is watered down and not in the healthy good way as if they just use less ingredients, it is just watered down. To be honest, it kind of tastes like watered down Chunky's soup.

I assume that Cactus Club and Joey's are two chain restaurants that are very similar (loud music, girls in short black dresses and the menu), and the make it or break it for me is the salad and dessert. Originally, it would be JOEYS' TUNA SASHIMI SALAD + APPLE PIE VS. Cactus Club's RAINCOAST GREENS SALAD + KEY LIME PIE. But I think I prefer Cactus Club's salad more and the only thing I like about Joeys' is the tuna sashimi. If a group of friends wanted to come here for a late night, I would, but the only thing I would order is the apple pie. The food in general is not bad, I just prefer other restaurants.

Service wise, it is generally not bad depending on who you get. Our sever was almost perfect and one of the best at this location I have seen for years. The first server was a female who disappeared and it seems like she let the male server help us instead. He checked up on us a few times and he was speed walking to help his other three tables, which I never see these days (the speedwalking) and I guess it shows that he tries. If anything, he forgot our side plates and cutlery and we waited quite a long time for those, but his attitude and friendliness makes up for that (well actually he was just normal).

Photoframe from before of the TUNA SASHIMI SALAD and BAKED TO ORDER APPLE PIE

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5

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