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Aji Taro : Richmond location

I used to think negatively about all you can eat Japanese restaurants and hated the idea of going. I remember going to a few in highschool and they are not that great. Around a year and a half ago, my boyfriend took me to Agi Taro and said it is pretty good. I hated it. The only things I liked were the simple sushi rolls. I thought for the price you pay, literally for an extra $10.00-$20.00 more you can have a good meal at a nice Japanese restaurant (that is because we always choose the deluxe menu). My boyfriend pleads for his life and is determined that Agi Taro used to be good a few years ago before they changed owners. Anyways, the last two times I came here, it is not bad. I would much rather get the late night menu since it is cheaper, but my boyfriend always wants the deluxe.

 I like how they only have booths available.

Deluxe Adult: $26,45, Children 5-9: $15.45
Regular Adult $21.45, Children 5-9: $12.45 
Late Night Adult: $15.45, Children 5-9: $10.45

My boyfriend's miso soup. The miso soup is bland and there are tofu, but it was hard trying to take a photo without a spoon. I did the whole swirl with the chopsticks and the tofu showed LOL but I could not take a photo of it.

The mango pudding. Who orders dessert in the beginning? Me. Instead of being a hater and complaining that I hate yellow mango pudding and only like the orange ones, I tried really hard to see if there is a slight taste of anything or if it is just another bland watered down pudding. It is okay, with a not overly sweet but a good enough sweet. There is no mango taste, but there is a slight sweet taste so it is not bland pudding. This cannot beat Richmond Sushis'.

The beef sashimi. Presentation wise, it is not very appealing, especially the piece at the middle bottom. The beef sashimi is okay and the sauce is really light. NEVER go to the Agi Taro in Metrotown (yes I was stupid and got the AYCE there..). Their AYCE is really disgusting and the beef sashimi was pink inside, not red, but pink O_O. Nothing on their AYCE is edible. Their a la carte is average though.

The fresh oysters. I felt obligated to order these since they are available for the deluxe menu. They are properly rinsed but tastes kind of funky..

The tuna, atlantic salmon, hamachi, atlantic salmon belly, tako and hokkigai sashimi. The sashimi needs to be a lot colder but atleast it is cut nicely. I think the salmon belly is a new item on their deluxe menu. 

The tuna tataki. The sauce is light and suits the tuna.

My negitoro cone. I have a weakness of eating the scraps of tuna that is chopped with green onions, negitoro. For people who complain about cones having too much rice, you probably will not like it. I enjoyed it.

The alaska, california, avocado and mango roll. These are all california rolls with different toppings except the avocado roll which is an avocado roll (duh). I like simple plain rolls and this is what it is.

The inari, masago, tobiko, amaebi, unagi, toro, tamago, ebi and saba nigiri. These are all average, no complaints.

The deep fried bean curd.

I REALLY like this. I forgot to order another one :( The outside is perfectly deep fried and the inside is so moist and yummy. The sauce is super light and has a slight sweet taste.

My boyfriend's oyster motoyakis.

He says they are luke warm. I would assume they taste average for an AYCE.

The smelt fish. Yeah, these are not very good. It has looked better, but was still never as good as Richmond Sushis'.

The pork cheek. It is kind of gross if you think about it, but ohmygosh it is SO GOOD. I forgot to order another one! It is soft and so tasty.

My boyfriend's barbecue cod. Other then it being luke warm, it is average.

My boyfriend's shime saba and sanma shioyaki. I will assume this is average as well since he did not complain.

The garlic steamed mussels. These are really chewy but I do like how it is simple with just garlic and is not too saucy.

The chicken teriyaki. The sauce is not too overwhelming and has a slight sweet taste. The chicken is cooked perfectly and the skin has a nice crisp.

The beef short rib. I found it to be a bit too sweet and it is not too chewy.

My boyfriend's barbecue fresh corn. The corn is not fresh and has the stringly look when you bite into it.

The eggplant tempura and prawn tempura.  The eggplant tempura is SO GOOD and perfectly deep fried so it is not too soft or hard. I enjoyed the prawn tempura too, even though it is not the flaky batter I like, the prawn itself was good (weird, I never had that before with a batter I did not like).

My boyfriend's vegetable teriyaki. Who orders this? Seriously. I liked how I saw pumpkin in there, but I was too lazy to eat it.

My boyfriend's beef udon.

This is what he does. How many people will copy him now eh? His nabeyaki udon.

We decided to order nigiri again... but.. so much rice? O_O

I consider Aji Taro as a "better" all you can eat japanese restaurant compared to other places, but Richmond Sushi is a lot better in my opinion. I did consider this as a regular AYCE Japanese restaurant of mine since I come here for their booth seatings, but meh. I do not think I would come back because I took the time to confirm that Richmond Sushis' quality is better (ugh and I got the stupid Gold Card so I want to make use of it). Agi Taros' deluxe menu is cheaper by $7.00 compared to Richmond Sushi which is quite a lot, and their regular/late night prices are similar. Service wise, the food comes pretty quick and the servers are friendly. 

Oh, I also read some recent reviews about people complaining about the price they pay. Apparently online it says $12.00 or something and when you get your bill, it ends up being $16.00 for the late night menu. THERE ARE PRICES ON THE MENU IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. LEARN TO READ. I thought it was weird when I came here last night and they had a random sign saying that their online prices are not correct. I understand they have no access to the website if they changed owners, and the old owner is being an ass by not letting them have control of the website.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

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