Sunday, September 15, 2013

Amato Gelato Cafe

I guess a gelato trip is somewhat on the way to Burnaby from Vancouver :). I have been here a few times and it is always "meh" to me. The flavours that are always pretty much a fail is the mango and green tea, but I thought hey, it has been a couple of years since I last tried them, so they probably have improved. Fine, I actually did not want to try the mango and green tea but I felt pressured to.. I will explain why later.

The shop is quite dead for a Sunday with five employees. From a business view, I would think to ask if any of the employees would like to leave since it is slow. This is only an hour ago around 4:30pm? In the beginning everyone was grouped together and talking, but it is nice when they see customers waiting for them, they start to spread out.

Cup: Single $3.75, Double $6.50
Cone: Single $4.50, Double $7.25
Dipped cone: Single $5.50, Double $8.00

Apparently you cannot take photos as one of the employees mentioned and when I stopped, another one felt the need to tell me again. Telling me once is enough, especially when there is no one even here, it is very quiet and I am pretty sure everyone heard when the first girl already told me.

In their defence, I did take quite a lot of photos (almost every flavour). However, in my defence, I wanted to look through old photos to see if I really have tried every flavour. And from a business view, I understand why people do not prefer photos being taken in case they look bad or something that is there, should not be there. Usually when any food shop prohibits photos, it is because there has accidentally been a mistake regarding the food which was captured on camera. And to be honest, I doubt the manager even worked today and if I asked straight up if I could take photos before I started, they would have let me. It is the fact that I did not ask. End of vent.


Portion control issues? The pistachio is the smallest scoop of gelato I have ever had here. Anyways, the pistachio tastes like salted pistachio (but is not too salty) and my friend thinks it is overly sweet like syrup. I do not think it is that sweet, but it does taste legit like actual salted pistachios. The mango is very subtle, tastes more like a peach if anything and is not very good. As for the green tea, the taste is barely there and there was a few ice chunks as well. In addition, the gelato here is a bit too creamy for me as in too heavy, I like my gelato to be creamy but a nice light creamy. Other than the creaminess, there is a lack of flavour. I prefer La Casa Gelato more plus their friendly staff (not because of todays photo incident). 

Yeah I did not even want the mango or green tea because it is never good, but obviously I feel like shit when more than one person feels the need to tell me to stop taking photos when I already stopped, so I chose something fast, took photos of what we got and left. I also got stared down when putting the prices on my phone, what is wrong with this place?

Note: Why no napkins? Usually most places offer or just give them to you with your order.

Food: 2/5
Service: 1/5

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