Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sura : Downtown location

Sura has been a post I delayed for quite a long time since I deleted the individual photos of the dishes and forgot to take photos of the restaurant. However, since Sura's Aberdeen location will be open soon, I thought I should get this over with. The restaurant's interior is pretty nice and a bit small when the restaurant gets busy, but can be considered cozy if the restaurant is empty.


SAMGYE-TANG, A WHOLE YOUNG CHICKEN STUFFED WITH SWEET RICE SLOWLY SIMMERED IN A BOWL OF KOREAN GINSENG, JUJUBE FRUITS, GARLIC AND GINGER [SAMGYETANG] ($20.00). Does that sound healthy or what! I eat garbage most of the time but I am a sucker for healthy soups. The only way I can explain this dish since it is my first time trying, would be like this is congee. The chicken is technically not stuffed with sweet rice like the description says, and is more like a sweet rice congee with a whole chicken. The soup has a nice rich tasty broth, and the chicken tastes tender and soft. The photo on the right was posted on Urbanspoon, it seems like someone who worked at Sura posted that photo. Unfortunately my samgyetang did not look like that :(. Their photo looks like the chicken could actually be stuffed too.

BOSSAM, SLOWLY SIMMERED FINE CUT OF PORK BELLY WITH ORIENTAL HERBS, SERVED WITH BOSSAM KIMCHI ($24.00). The pork belly tastes tender and is cut in nice thin slices. The slices of pork belly practically melts in your mouth.
GALBI-JJIM, BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIBS WITH CARROTS AND SWEET PUMPKINS IN SPECIAL SOY SAUCE ($26.00). Noooooo I should have stuck with BBQ short ribs! For anyone whose first preference is not Korean cuisine or is new to Korean food, the #1 rule is to ALWAYS get BBQ short ribs! The braised beef short ribs do not taste braised at all and tastes quite tough as well as dry. The dish has a nice amount of pumpkin slices which is nice.. I guess, and some enoki mushroom. Too bad the beef ribs tasted chewy and not flavourful at all. Almost every table ordered the BBQ short ribs and we should have as well.

MACKEREL/CROAKER COMBO, AN AUTHENTIC KOREAN STYLE SET OF MENU THAT CONSISTS OF GRILLED MACKEREL (ATLANTIC CROAKER), A SMALL SIZE OF DOENJANG JIJGAE, A BOWL OF STEAMED RICE AND VARIOUS SMALL SIDE DISHES ($15.00). The mackerel is nicely grilled but tastes average and a bit dry as well as stiff. The DOENJANG JJIGAE, KOREAN STYLE SOYBEAN PASTE SOUP comes boiling hot which I thought would look cool for my photo but it looks like a big mess instead. The soup tastes a bit too simple and mildly spicy.

- Four different pancake options and two different rice cake options
- Lots of BBQ meat dishes

- Braised beef ribs are the worst I ever had
- Average tasting dishes (to be fair, we did not try BBQ meats)
- Service could be more attentive and/or friendlier. The restaurant was not very busy when we needed the bill and no one was around, we were missing banchan too

- Did I crop every photo from my photo collage? Unfortunately yes LOL
- Sura has interesting dinner set courses but you need to order 3 days in advance
- Something totally unrelated, seems like employees from the restaurant used to post on Urbanspoon as customers (that annoys me)

Food: 2/5
Service: 2/5

Sura Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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