Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friend's BBQ Restaurant 老友記燒臘菜館

How to survive this restaurant (seriously). I have been here 4 times and I know the secret to leaving with a big smile on my face. The first time I came here, they gave me the impression that they totally rushed to open and more than 70% of the items on the menu was not available. The second time, half our order was missing and never came, and the food was below average. The third time, half our orders were missing as well and I was obsessing over roast pork. I actually watched them give away MY TWO ORDERS of roast pork to another table (100% I ordered first), even though I told the manager our order did not come yet and he had a chance to give us the plate that was just being prepared, he did not. 

Anyways, my secret is to come during lunch time. Coming here for lunch, you will have the chance to order less (than what you would order for dinner) which means there could be more hits than misses. Plus, the piece of BBQ meat you get is probably better than the pieces available towards the end of dinner.

The ASSORTED MEAT PLATTER CONSISTING OF BBQ PORK, BBQ DUCK AND ROASTED PORK WITH RICE ($?). The BBQ pork is a bit too chewy and the soy chicken is really salty (saltier than most places). The roasted pork has a nice crispy and crunchy skin with tender meat. Why did I even get rice when I do not eat rice? Why did I get assorted since I only wanted the roast pork? Because my boyfriend made me feel stupid if I just sat there eating roast pork LOL. I am the worst person to be with when I am craving for roast pork because I will literally stop at a BBQ meat shop before any meal, eat it in the car on the way to dinner, then want ice cream to end the night and go home. Some people do not have the patience of going to a restaurant, waiting to be seated, then having to order and wait for the food.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 1.5/5

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