Friday, September 20, 2013

White Spot : Burnaby location

An early morning breakfast before watching the sun rise at White Spot, or an early dinner before watching the sun set? This is at 6:30am today, why so early? My friend and I lined up at Coquitlam Centre for the iPhone5s since clearly we have too much time to waste, but hey, we did watch World War Z and an episode of Suits while sitting on the ground. We left a bit after 6:00am when Apple employees told us they did not have any shipments of the 16GBs and since 16GB is more than enough for us, we passed on waiting. Surprisingly we did not mind leaving since we were quite miserable sitting on a dirty Hello Kitty towel that is meant for the dogs, getting second hand smoke, freezing and uncomfortable (that sounds morally wrong to even think of, but I have no intentions of being ungrateful).

I have no idea why but apparently I thought White Spot has good breakfast food and is better than Denny's. The first choice was Denny's since my friend wanted to go there but they are under renovations. I was not 100% sure if Jimmy's Restaurant was open either, so we tried White Spot. Fine, we tried White Spot because I keep thinking White Spot is supposed to be good for breakfast, despite having been to the Oakridge location numerous times which is never good. The restaurant pretty much has comfortable booth seating and my only complaint, why does every single booth have so much crumbs? Surprisingly there are more crumbs on the booths here than at Chinese restaurants, plus they just opened for breakfast too.

Her STEELHEAD BENEDICT, TWO POACHED EGGS AND CURED PACIFIC STEELHEAD ON AN ENGLISH MUFFIN WITH HOLLANDAISE AND FRESH DILL. SERVED WITH AVOCADO SALSA AND SHREDDED HASHRBOWNS ($10.99). The english muffin could have been toasted with a light or faint crisp and the hollandaise sauce tastes very processed, creamy, heavy and not very tasty. I like hollandaise sauce to taste light, airy and not goopy. There are pieces of steelhead but very little and they are only on half of each english muffin?  For the presentation, the poached eggs are not very nice with the hanging egg whites. 


She likes her eggs medium poached and they could have been a tiny bit more gooey. For the avocado salsa, the avocados are mushy, brown, does not taste or look fresh and seems more like a guacamole than a salsa. On the menu, the photo of this has diced tomatoes, corn and beans in a bright green avocado salsa. I am surprised to see this at a chain restaurant especially when the morning just started. If I came here for brunch, I would assume it has been sitting out since the morning.

Yeah... this looks very different than what she got. There is a very good amount of steelhead pieces and the avocado salsa looks fresh, like what it is supposed to be.

My CLASSIC BENEDICT, ENGLISH MUFFIN TOPPED WITH BACK BACON, TWO POACHED EGGS AND HOLLANDAISE. SERVED WITH SHREDDED HASH BROWNS ($9.99). Mine is pretty much the same as hers, minus the steelhead and adding the back bacon. Both our shredded hash browns have a nice crisp on the top and soft pieces on the bottom, without being greasy and oily. The hollandaise is very strong and neither of us could taste her steelhead or my back bacon. For the presentation, my poached eggs look a lot better than hers with no dangling sides.

I like my eggs easy poached with a runny yolk and a hardening crust so when you cut into them, there will be a nice slice with the running yolk. The crust for the yolk is too thin so there is no nice slice and is more like a gushing yolk from a hole. This is clearly being super specific and picky though. Why are the english muffins not toasted? 

Meh, I think the photos do the justice (of course not the menu photo though) and not to be blunt (as I am always), these are probably the worst egg benedict both of us have ever had. But I will say, the hash browns are not too greasy :). For the service, we did not need any so cannot really comment. But, the server was very friendly to a few tables of seniors.

Food: 1/5
Service: 2.5/5

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