Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saint Germain Bakery 新之美餅店 : Aberdeen location

The only memory I have of coming here is when I wanted to try their macarons. After having a lot of failed macarons, I now know to ask in advance if the outside is crunchy, if they say yes, I assume I should pass.

The cakes and buns.

What an odd shaped box, it crushed my egg tarts a bit :(. Don't you usually get the square boxes?

ALL BUTTER EGG TARTS ($0.99). The crust is perfect and melts in your mouth with a delicious egg tart filling. The filling is not too sweet and has a very smooth texture. I was lucky these are fresh and still warm.

EGG TART ($0.99). BF likes these and I felt obligated to try one. The crust is a bit too soft (kind of damp with no crispiness or flakiness) and the filling tastes the same as the all butter egg tarts.

A few weeks later I decided to try their moon cake. Well, I did not decide to but I rushed here to get some egg tarts and they were sold out, so a grabbed a moon cake. Now I know Saint German has a location in Oakridge which would have been a lot closer!

The WHITE LOTUS SINGLE EGG YOLK ($6.00?). I grabbed the wrong one and wanted the double egg yolk -.-"

This is my first time having moon cake from a bakery and I think it was around $6.00? I usually get some from T&T since they have so many options, but I thought maybe bakery ones are better. The filling does not really taste like it is from scratch and is just a paste, which kinds of disappointments me because the idea that it is in a bakery makes me feel like it would be from scratch. Darn, I should have posted this earlier instead of 2 weeks later since the festival is over. The paste is not overly sweet and just tastes like any paste (creamy, thick, smooth).

Food: 2.5/5 (all butter egg tarts 5/5)
Service: 0/5 (major grumps working all the time)

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