Monday, September 30, 2013

Stan's Pizza Joint

The only open restaurant after 10:00pm in North Burnaby, Stan's Pizza Joint. My first impression, two doors? Previously two shops now turned into one? I hate getting pizza with BF because he does not even eat pizza and I like to order two to three different kinds. What is the point of having pizza when you can only have one kind? I might as well just get one slice. The pizza joint has a few greasy tables and is not the cleanliest, such as having pasta sauce on some of the seats. Also, the seating arrangements are a bit cramped and this is coming from someone who had a whole side of the restaurant to themselves.

SMOKIN HOT WINGS ($7.99). The chicken wings taste fresh and although not dry, the wings could have tasted juicier. The hot sauce has a strong vinegar taste which I like and a mild spiciness. Also, the title "smokin hot wings" is deceiving because the wings are not spicy at all.

12" SOPRANO, HAM, PEPPERONI, ITALIAN SAUSAGE, BACON, FRESH GARLIC, AND ONION ($16.95). The soprano has a good amount of toppings and a tasty garlic taste. The ham and pepperoni are layered on the bottom, then cheese, and topped with sausage and bacon, I like this concept. The crust tastes doughy, soft and puffy like a bun which I never experienced before. Also, the bottom does not have the nice brown crisp and could have been baked longer (maybe that would have solved the soft bun-like crust issue). If anything, the pizza is surprisingly greasy. I never understood when people complained about grease, who does not like grease? I understand now though. 

- Open until 12:00am
- Fresh pizza and wings
- Surprisingly attentive service for a pizza joint
- Friendly waiter and pizza cook

- No hot water or bottled water
- Pizza could have had a nice brown crisp and is greasy
- Restaurant could be cleaner

- Waiter asked how the food was, twice. Really? Thought pizza joints have no service
- Pizza seems like average eats with a variety of choices

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5

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