Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Boathouse : White Rock location

After dim sum, BF and I spent the whole day looking for Seadoo floating devices from Broadway and Cambie, Canadian Tire, to Granville Island and we left empty handed. To make myself feel better I wanted gelato at Bella Gelateria (the best) but the line up was really long, out the door two blocks. Being disappointed again, we decided to go to the Boathouse in White Rock. It is my first time coming here and BF says it is his favourite Boathouse location.

When we arrived, I wanted a seat on the deck since it was such a nice evening but because we did not make reservations, there was thirty minute wait. The hostess was friendly, genuine and apologetic for our wait which she did not need to be since we did not make any reservations. I feel like it is hard to come by hostesses and servers (in my opinion) who act like they care or even fake it (I honestly do not mind if they fake it because it is their job, any acknowledgment is nice).



AHI TUNA TACOS IN CRISPY WONTON TACOS, WITH WASABI AIOLI AND MANGO SALSA ($13.99). The photo on the left is the first photo I took trying to be stealth, but then I thought I might as well do it properly since I am posting it on my blog. The tacos have an awkward portion control since one taco has a good amount of tuna, and the next has a little amount which is basically all shell. The wonton tacos are more crunchy than crispy which also makes it hard to taste the tuna. For the mango salsa, it tastes somewhat light and refreshing, but to be honest there is not much taste of the salsa because the amount of mayonnaise is very heavy. Overall it is hard to taste the tuna and I assume the highlight of the tacos should be the tuna? Other than the presentation of the watercress and black sesame seeds, I did not like anything else.

CRISPY SHRIMP AND SEA SALTED FRIES ($14.99). BF saw a family order these (two plates!) and he wanted to try them as well. The crispy shrimp are lightly battered tiger prawns and tastes meaty. If anything, the tartar sauce could have had a thicker consistency and taste more tangy. I find the crispy shrimp average and nothing special, but that is probably because I do not like this type of batter. At first, I did not know what these were called so when I tried finding them on Instagram, I found the photo on the right. Eek, if mine looked like those, I do not think I would have enjoyed them. Those look too crunchy and deep fried with old oil, the photo is from the White Rock location as well.

9oz BASEBALL CUT SIRLOIN WITH VEGETABLES AND ROAST POTATOES ($26.99). The steak is overcooked and looks more medium than medium rare. BF usually sucks it up and eats overcooked steak at a restaurant if it happens, but the sirloin tasted really chewy and he did not want it. Our server was very nice and offered to take it back, after around twenty five minutes, his new steak came.

This time, the sirloin is not overcooked but tastes chewy, bland and tough which is unfortunate. Sirloin is not a first choice for us and too bad the tenderloin is only available in the dining room. Although his steak was hard to eat and had no taste, it was nice of the server to change the first plate for us.
MISO CRUSTED WILD HALIBUT WITH BLACK PEPPER SAUCE, VEGETABLES AND ROAST POTATOES ($32.99). The halibut is overcooked and tastes stiff, chewy as well as really dry, but I did not want to say anything since BFs steak was overcooked. The black pepper sauce tastes very sweet like caramel and has a thick consistency like syrup, which I did not expect from the title of '"black pepper sauce."

- Attentive, friendly and genuine staff
- Nice view?

- Food is not really worth the price

- Deck stops seating at 9:00pm
- I am a really observant person and did not notice one server with an attitude at any point of time (there was even a rude server and the hostess was patience as well as polite). Our server checked on us constantly and was apologetic as well (for the steak and time waited). The manager also came to apologize since our food took longer than usual and she even took the tuna tacos off our bill (since the chowders were not available, for the overcooked steak and time we waited). Usually for a manager to come out, it is because of a customers complaint or if a customer requests to speak with one, but she came to speak with us on her own
- If the manager did not speak with us, I was planning on writing an e-mail with how pleased I was with the hostesses and servers (that is how surprised I was)
- Total for the bill with the tuna tacos removed was $84 and we left $115 which is very deserved
- In the end the food is not very good and I do not know if we would come back even with the perfect service. In BFs defence, he has not been here in a few years and remembered it being his favourite location, so some things could have changed or the deck should not be anyones first preference for dinner

A nice surprise was also the fireworks, we did not know there would be any for Canada Day at White Rock. 

Food: 2/5
Service: 5/5

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