Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Magnum Ice cream

Magnum Ice cream's are my staples for when I am hungry before breakfast, lunch or dinner, and cannot wait to eat so I grab these on the way at gas stations. My favourite is the white chocolate Magnums but I never see them anymore.. only double caramel, almond and gold at most gas stations. Every girl needs a lame photo like the one on the right LOL ->

Magnum double caramel, vanilla ice cream dipped with chocolate, then a thick layer of caramel, and another layer of chocolate.

Magnum almond, vanilla ice cream dipped with chocolate that is mixed with almonds.

Magnum gold, vanilla ice cream dipped with chocolate and another layer with gold coloured chocolate.  Every time I have the gold, they always have a streak or tint of either green or blue, weird.

This was from the morning, I got smart and told BF to buy a whole box at Safeway so it is cheaper rather than buying individually at gas stations. I ate two before breakfast and he ate one. Did it ruin my appetite? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes.

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