Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jang Mo Jib : Burnaby location

For everyone who has been to Jang Mo Jib, you pretty much know the food tastes solid and there is usually no service, or horrible service, no matter which location you are visiting (at least from my personal experiences).

The interior of the restaurant has only booth seating, and some have velour seat covers to hide the ripped seats.

LOL not sure why the pot has no lid and the tea is only filled 1/3 full.

BANCHAN, KOREAN SIDE DISHES. RICE, KIMCHI, KOREAN MUNG BEAN SPROUTS, KIMCHI RADISH, AND SWEET POTATOES. The kimchi tastes slightly spicy but not very fresh, the bean sprouts have a nice light sesame oil taste, the kimchi radish tastes slightly spicy and crunchy, and the sweet potatoes taste soft with a slight sweetness (better than Hanok's).

THE GAM JA TAHNG, KOREAN TRADITIONAL PORK BACK AND NECK BONE WITH GREEN ONION, ONION, VEGETABLES, AND POTATOE IN HOMEMADE SOUP SERVED IN HOT POT SERVED WITH RICE. CHOOSE FROM NON SPICY, LITTLE SPICY, MEDIUM SPICY, AND SPICY ($27.95, ADD 1 person $13.00). The broth is always consistent at JMB, rich, flavourful, slightly spicy, and tasty. The meat always falls off the bone and is quite tasty. IMO the Coquitlam location's hot pot tastes a lot better, but it is still pretty tasty here.

I am not a fan of Korean hot pot in general, and this is pretty much all I can eat.

TOHNG GALH BEE, AAA+ KOREAN TRADITIONAL BEEF SHORT RIBS MARINATED WITH HOUSE SPECIAL BBQ SAUCE, GRILLED ON CHARCOAL BBQ SERVED WITH SALAD ($24.95). The short ribs do not taste as tender as usual or flavourful. The short ribs actually taste slightly chewy.. I am not sure why but it only happens at this JMJ location.

- Hot pot is usually consistent and tasty

- Burnaby JMJ is the worst location for service (service does not exist here, it is self serve and you walk up to pay)
- I rather visit the Coquitlam (now closed) or Richmond location, not because of the service (service is crappy at all locations) but the dishes taste better

- Worst experience here - once we waited 30 minutes to order on a late weekday night and we were the only customers! The owner does not care or notice customers since he is already successful
- Last night I overheard a conversation - a customer was saying that she ordered the beef something and got the seafood something instead. The waitress kept repeating herself saying that she wrote down seafood, and the girl kept repeating herself that she said beef. I understand the restaurant does not want to waste food, but it lasted about seven to eight minutes of both sides repeating themselves and getting no where. Then the owner came and did not do anything about it either, I felt bad for the girl who got stuck eating seafood, she was so polite too.

Food: 2.5/5 (short ribs 2/5)
Service: 0/5

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