Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boston Pizza : New Westminister location

This is my favourite Boston Pizza location. My boyfriend is sick and I made him drive me here last night because I knew it would be worth it. My favourite location used to be the one in Coquitlam by Coquitlam Centre until they pissed me off too many times and I felt like eating there once to twice a week was not worth it, and we changed our location to the Coquitlam one by Ikea and they kept disappointing me and pissing me off too so we tried the one in New West because my boyfriend suggested it. I originally thought New West would be the worst location since it is in New West, well now it is my favourite location!

The first time I came here the chicken wings were burnt black, and the pizza was soggy and very very undercooked. Obviously I was pissed so went home and e-mailed them. The manager was so nice and we went back, ever since then (a year?) we are their regulars and have never been disappointed! There is this one server Chelsea and ohmygosh she is what someone would say a "perfect" server. I saw her remove the booths and clean every spec, who does that nowadays? It is so hard to come by!

Anyways, since Me n Eds' really pissed me off, it made me crave for PROPER chicken wings and pizza.

When it is late night they put a sign up asking you to join them in the lounge, so it is a lot better than other locations when the hostess does not stay at the front and you end up waiting 10-15 minutes (Coquitlam locations).

The lounge has booths all around and high chairs in the middle.

The bar.

Double order of chicken wings oven roasted in honey garlic and salt and pepper ($19.95). We always get our wings oven roasted because it is double baked plus not fried so it is healthier. The wings are always juicy never dry, and done perfect. I swear Boston Pizza makes the best wings. We have tried their boneless all meat wings, but they are more dry and not really good. 

Small Tropical Chicken pizza, creamy alfredo, pizza mozzerella, cheddar, smoky bacon, spicy chicken breast and pineapple ($17.55). I thought it was a bit small last night! I swear we said medium because we always get medium. Now I think it is a small. My first bite was so good, and it made me pissed thinking about how horrible Me n Eds' was. The crust was perfect, toppings were good, pizza was crisp and not soggy.

Slow roasted pork back ribs with Jack Daniel's BBQ, vegetables, mash potatoes and garlic toast. ($16.75/half rack). My boyfriend ordered this to try their ribs, I usually stay away from dishes that I think will disappoint me. I was surprised the ribs are really tender and the meat fell off the bone. It could have been more tender and flavourful, but it is pretty good for Boston Pizza. The sauce was mild which I like and the mashed potatoes are real potatoes which is good. 

Overall this is my favourite location and the food here has always been good and consistent for us (except our very first experience), and service wise it is pretty good (keep in mind we come here late at night though). Our server refilled our drinks when they did not need to be, and knew we are the type to eat and leave fast so she asked if we needed things to be packed whenever she thought we were done (a bit too fast, but better than us waiting around).

Since I am trying to eat "healthier," we only order pizza, wings and whatever my boyfriend wants. But my usual appetizers which never disappoint me are the cactus cut potatoes ($10.25) and goat cheese spinach dip ($10.75). For their chicken wing flavours, I have never had a problem with any of them. The only thing if anything would be that their hot sauce is never really spicy.

Some of the things I do not recommend...
  • Nachos: I usually get mine with chicken, and every Boston Pizza does not know how to make nachos. What you get is a plate of empty nachos, and chicken (if you add it) on top and cheese on top. That is it. So when you eat the first layer, the chips are empty on the bottom! I even tried adding extra cheese, so what you get is a thicker layer of cheese on top and empty nachos on the bottom. Why can they not make it perfect? It should be, nachos, chicken/cheese, nachos, chicken/cheese, nachos, chicken/cheese. So easy gosh.
  • Calamari: Nothing special, sometimes it can be soggy too ugh.
  • Thai Chicken Bites: Maybe one of the worst things on the menu, I prefer chicken nuggets.
  • Southwest Potato Skins: If you never had Cactus Club's, then order it. These are average. But if you had Cactus Club's, these are not comparable and not good.
  • Bacon wrapped steak skewers: One of my 2 favourite things, but they are not good together here. The mini steak is so chewy all the time.
  • Sticky Ribs: They are usually always pretty chewy.
  • Pasta: No one I know ever enjoys them and they are just meh, even the jambalaya which is supposed to be the best is just whatever.
Here are some photos from other times at different locations,

New West
Calimari ($11.00)
Double order of oven baked wings salt and pepper and mediterranean ($19.75)
Large tropical chicken pizza ($25.99)
Seafood fettucini changed to linguini pasta ($18.75) .. so wasteful because they forgot my boyfriend asked for penne and they gave us linguini because our server thought he wanted linguini, and it pissed me off he was such a brat and could not eat it. I hope someone in the kitchen ate it :(

Coquitlam across from Ikea
Double order of oven baked wings honey garlic and teriyaki ($19.75)
Nachos with chicken and extra cheese ($11.75 +$4.00 +$3.00) .. there is a lot of cheese, but the bottom of the huge stack of chips are empty.
Apple crisp ($7.00) .. I used to get it all the time when it was good, but after 6-7 times they started making it different, and the "crisp" is soggy like wet cookies.

Russian borsch soup ($?) .. my boyfriend drinks this when it is late night and there is no more daily soup, it is meh
Individual size meteor pizza ($12.00) .. never order an individual size! Even a small is much better, individual size does not have many toppings and looks ghetto
Double order of oven roasted wings honey garlic and whisky bbq ($19.75)

Double order of oven roasted wings mediterranean and salt and pepper ($19.75)
Bacon wrapped steak skewers ($13.00) .. these are the driest things ever, I do not recommend

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5

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