Thursday, July 4, 2013

Nero Belgium Waffle Bar

I like Neros. I think they are always consistent (maybe I am just lucky?). Some of my friends say they have had stale waffles here before. I came here with my sister and boyfriend.

We ordered the blueberries with added ice cream, mocha, and bresilienne with an extra ice cream.

This is my boyfriends first decent experience (third time here). He ordered the blueberries with whip cream on the liege waffle and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream ($2). The second time he ordered the banella on the liege waffle ($6.95), it was just a banana and nutella on the side. It looked pretty boring and dry. I would personally ask them to drizzle the nutella on the waffle to make it better, unless you prefer it on the side. He enjoyed it this time and was surprised his blueberries were all pretty big! I told him to add the ice cream and it is probably because of the ice cream he enjoyed it a lot more.

My sister ordered the mocha on the brussels waffle ($8.90) which comes with vanilla ice cream, 60% dark chocolate and espresso infused whipped cream. She enjoyed it and says it is impossible to finish it all by yourself. But for people like me, I can eat 2 to myself.

I always get the bresilienne on the brussel waffle ($8.90). It comes with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crumble and caramel sauce. I added an extra vanilla scoop this time ($2). I did not think it was too much ice cream at all, but I felt like the scoops were smaller to fit the waffle. So I think next time I would not add another scoop.

Overall this place is pretty good. I always order the bresilienne and it has always been consistent. The first two times I came here there were no line ups, but the third time there was a long line up. Is it worth the wait? I guess if you are craving it, have nothing better to do, or want to try it. I came here before dinner so the 45 minute wait did not seem logical at that time since I was starving! It pretty much ruined my appetite before dinner too, but I enjoyed every bite of it.

This is from my first time.

Bresilenne on the brussels waffle ($8.90) and the fruity on the liege waffle ($8.75)

My boyfriend hated his first experience. Some of the fruit was sour and the waffle would be really dry. If he added ice cream or whipped cream, I am sure it would have been better. He kept saying eggo waffles were better. My mint tea was meh and his cappuccino was not that great either, I would stick with waffles.

Food: 4/5
Service: N/A

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