Friday, July 5, 2013

Guu Richmond

This is my first visit to Guu Richmond and I have mentioned before that I am not the type to eat at a tapas restaurant, and am definitely not a Guu person. I have been to Guu only five times (more than one location) which always starts with me kicking and screaming, however, after my experience at Suika, I decided to be a poser and come to Guu willingly for the first time.


ASSORTED ODEN CONSISTING OF CHIKUWA [FISH SURIMI TUBE], HANPEN [WHITE PAN FRIED FISH CAKE], TAKENOKO [BAMBOO], ATSUAGE [DEEP FRIED TOFU], DAIKON AND GYUSUJI [STEWED BEEF] ($6.60). The broth tastes home cooked, not salty or bland, but could have tasted more flavourful. The stewed beef tastes tender and not chewy, and the other items are what it is.

BEEF STEAK TEISYOKU, PAN FRIED DICED CUT RARE TENDERLOIN STEAK AND MUSHROOM WITH GARLIC ONION SAUCE ($9.20). The beef steak does not taste like tenderloin. The pieces of beef taste chewy, tough, dry, overcooked and not flavourful. For half the price and less than half the quality compared to Suika's, this dish should be passed.

KABOCHA KAROKKE, PUMPKIN AND BOILED EGG CROQUETTE ($4.00). The pumpkin is lightly battered and deep fried, with a boiled egg inside. This is one of the popular dishes at most Guu locations and I find nothing special about it.. but that is probably because I am not used to the taste. I like that Guu is written in the sauce.

TMAGURO, STEAK AHI TUNA SASHIMI STEAK MARINATED IN GARLIC, SOY SAUCE AND SAKE ($10.80). I am a huge fan of ahi tuna but the maguro tasted kind of off. The tuna tastes stringy, chewy, and did not taste fresh. This is probably the worst ahi tuna I ever had.

CREATIVE GUNKANS, IKA MENTAIKO AND MAGURO NATTO ($3.00/EACH). BF had the ika mentaiko which has squid, spicy cod roe, salmon roe, cucumber, and mayo. I had the maguro natto which has tuna natto, takuan and green onion. The maguro natto tasted mushy because of the quail egg. These may not sound pleasant but is entertaining to eat because of the mushiness or for something different.

ASSORTED NIGIRI AND CALIFORNIA ROLL ($15.95). The california roll has too much rice and the rice tastes hard. The roll also has barely any cucumber or avocado too. For the nigiris, the tamago tastes good with a slightly sweet taste, the tuna has a nice touch because of the black pepper (I love black pepper), and the ebi tastes like the usual packaged ebi. BF had the eel and the red one (I forgot what it is called). He passed on the eel because it did not look very appetizing.

KARUBI, BBQ GARLIC SAUCE MARINATED BEEF RIBS ($5.80). The beef ribs taste chewy, tough, and surprisingly overly salty. Unfortunately the ribs were difficult to eat and not enjoyable. I have never had such salty beef ribs, including at all you can eat restaurants which are known for average or below average tasting dishes. This is probably one of the saltiest dishes I ever had in my life and I am a bit surprised it would be here out of all places (I always thought it would be at a fast food restaurant).

BIBIMBAP, MIXED SEAFOOD AND VEGETABLE ON RICE IN A HOT STONE BOWL WITH SPICY GARLIC TERIYAKI SAUCE ($9.50). The bibimbap tastes dry and bland, with no hint of spicy garlic teriyaki sauce or egg (both ingredients are there though). The dish has a few strands of watercress, 10-14 corn niblets and 3-4 pieces of carrots. The seafood in the stone bowl tastes like a frozen pack from T&T consisting of baby octopuses which is not bad, I am just saying. The waitress was kind enough and mixed the bibimbap but I did want to take a photo before mixing.

- Friendly and attentive service (one of the better Guu locations for service)

- Dishes are below average or average
- Maguro, beef ribs and bibimbap are not tasty and I do not recommend

- Pumpkin croquette is interesting and the only memorable dish
- Beef steak and beef ribs taste a lot better at Suika and are quite tasty
- Every time the waiter wanted to pour tea, he realized it was supposed to be hot water and had to go out of his way to grab hot water, definitely worth mentioning
- Richmond location is a lot more empty than any downtown location
- I would not come back to this location but would try other ones
- Other tapas restaurants I have visited... Suika, Kamei Baru and Guu Garden

Food: 2/5
Service: 3.5/5

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