Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cassia Cupcakery

I will be honest.
I am an awesome baker.
Baking is very easy.
You literally follow the directions step by step.
You cannot fail in baking.
Home Economics 10, no one in my class failed.

However, these cupcakes failed. The topping is too wet/damp, the batter is over mixed, the cupcakes are not fluffy and is a bit over baked. Furthermore, the cupcakes taste stale even though they are probably are not the cupcakes are baked (hopefully) every morning.

What a disappointment. A reason why people go to bakeries is for fresh cupcakes rather than packaged ones from grocery stores. In addition, the icing tastes average, neither too sweet but could have been smoother, and a tiny bit of more butter would have been better. I was so upset because I hate wasting food and BF told me to stop trying to eat them, that is how bad it was. I am such a "children in Africa" person and all he says is, "do you want to fly the food back?" This is the only second cupcake store I have been to, asides from Cupcakes by Heather and Lori.

Actually, I boycotted Cupcakes by Healther and Lori for a while because they made me upset a few times. I used to get cupcakes at their store weekly, until one day their voice recording said their locations are open Sunday-Thursday until 9pm, and Friday-Saturday until 7pm. So, I harassed BF to rush to the West Broadway location, Denman location, and Thurlow location, which all closed at 7pm on a Thursday night. I was furious, confused, and craving cupcakes. I kept calling to confirm that I was not hearing their hours wrong, and I was not. I was pretty pissed and wrote them an e-mail. They responded asking what location I called and I replied saying that it was not a person I spoke with like stated in my original e-mail; it was the voice recording that was wrong and literally BF drove to three different locations. I never heard from them after that. They changed their voice recording though, thanks to me.

Another situation. It was Chinese New Year week at Aberdeen Centre; I got a dozen cupcakes and their vanilla ones were burnt and covered with icing. Technically for $31.00/dozen cupcakes, it is over priced and any business should not even bother selling burnt cupcakes. Cupcakes are so cheap to make and for someone to start their own cupcake store and sell burnt cupcakes? That is wrong.

Fine, if they had a section like some bakeries do for their "failed" goods and offer a cheaper price, that is completely okay because you are acknowledging they are flawed. Furthermore, if you go to the Oakridge location, there are always so many cupcakes that have ripped sides along the topping because they were stuck together from being removed. Technically for the price you pay, they should be perfect.

Anyways, back to Cassia Cupcakery… the bakery should improve on their cupcakes because it is so darn easy to make!

Food: 0.5/5
Service: 5/5 (guy was really friendly)

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