Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pelican Seafood Restaurant 又一村海鮮酒家 (2nd visit)


I wanted to write another Pelican Seafood Restaurant post as my closure since the spot prawn season is over, and I no longer will be visiting every few days a week.

We ordered the pumpkin and crab meat soup, winter melon with dried scallops, yeung chow fried rice, cream and butter sauce crab, and steamed tilapia.

The pumpkin and crab meat soup ($12.98) was different than the first time. The first time we ordered it, the pumpkin taste was so strong and it felt weird with the crab meat. Tonight the pumpkin taste was a lot lighter and I enjoyed it more. The first time I had to forcefully drink a bowl, today I was able to drink it slowly and it was not that bad. My boyfriend enjoys it though (last time as well), he says lately he has noticed more chinese restaurants have this kind of soup. I never noticed.. or like it. But I am weird like that, even chinese corn soup is "meh" to me. There were also some baby shrimps inside today too, which I do not think they had the first time.

The butter and cream sauce crab ($11.99/lb) was good. It always is. Flavourful, yummy, never over cooked.

The yeung chow fried rice ($12.98) is always good as well, very consistent.

The steamed tilapia ($19.98) my boyfriend ate to himself, I am not really a tilapia fan. It always tastes the same to me. It has never been over cooked or bad here.

The winter melon with dry scallops ($14.98) was a bit too saucy for me. I like it more when you have the slices of melon and the dry scallops placed on top so you eat it with a spoon because you do not want to waste a drop of sauce. I still ate about 90% of it to myself and enjoyed it of course.

Mango pudding (complimentary)

Tapioca pudding (complimentary)

It is a little past 1am, and I am still sad about no spot prawns. My 2 mango puddings were temporary happiness which lasted about 5 minutes. I keep thinking to myself how do I go from 2lbs of spot prawns to 0? I thought the season ends near the end of July. 

Overall Pelican is a solid place for chinese food and they are always consistent. They are open late night too so it is pretty convenient. Here are more photos from previous Pelican eats.

Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5

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