Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dockside Restaurant

The night before we ate at Sandbar, we ate here at Dockside. After our dinner, we both regretted not going to Sandbar but after having eaten there, we both agree that Dockside is better. Dockside is known for their gorgeous patio and the 50 foot aquarium by the open kitchen which BF and I totally missed! That is why in my photo frame I chose the outdoor fire, silly me.


HOUSE SMOKED SOCKEYE CHOWDER ($8.00). The chowder has a thick, creamy texture and a good amount of ingredients but is served warm (could have been hotter) and lacks flavour. The chowder is meh, something you want to quickly finish and get out of the way. The chowder is not memorable and I only liked the corn niblets. BFs didn't have any corn so maybe they needed to mix the pot before serving?

CRAB CAKE ($15.00). The crab cake is very heavy on the mayonnaise and does not very taste good. I like the presentation, but it didn't taste good. I would prefer the Keg's crab cake more.

MY 6oz GRILLED BEEF TENDERLOIN WITH IRISH DUBLINER CAPPELLETTI, GRILLED ASPARAGUS AND CHARRED TOMATO, SMOKED BLACK BERRY PORT AND NATURAL JUICES ($32.00). I wish I paid attention to the menu instead of thinking grilled beef tenderloin, I want! because when I got the entree I thought huh? pasta? with my steak? macaroni?. The pasta is a minute undercooked, very hard and ehh... I couldn't eat it. The tenderloin is medium rare but not juicy or tasty and tastes bland. I feel like the au jus was overly strong, heavy and too rib sauce like for me. I guess the steak is bland and you should use the au jus... but every steak should have a good natural taste without sauce. Shouldn't sauce only be available to enhance the flavour?

HIS 10oz SLOW ROASTED PRIME RIB WITH CREAMY BAKED GARLIC POTATOES, ASPARAGUS, FOREST MUSHROOMS WITH VEAL JUS AND BUTTER, AND DUCK FAT FRIED YORKSHIRE PUDDING ($32.00). The yorkshire pudding tastes overly hard and not very good, I want to say it's stale but I don't think it is. The veal jus tasted very heavy, strong, not very good and kind of ruined the prime rib. He managed to scrap as much sauce off the steak as he could and try to enjoy it. The prime rib is not as tender as it could have been and is a bit chewy, but medium rare.

Overall I can say maybe it is our fault for ordering steak instead of fish.. but the sauces are too over whelming and pretty much ruined the steaks. The chowders as well as the crab cake was not very good either. We pretty much did not enjoy any of the dishes here which is disappointing because we wanted to try a new restaurant.

I will mention that the service is pretty perfect though. The restaurant was empty when we came and our server was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. When we sat down there was dirty cutlery, she noticed me looking at it and quickly changed it for me. Yes, I like little things but these are the little things that get you a 20% tip.

I would recommend coming here once for their patio (you could enjoy the food right?) but do not order the chowders or steaks. I would most likely come back next year and try it again but not any time soon. Honestly, if it was not for our server I would have been mad at the restaurant just because the food was horrible.

Food: 1/5
Service: 5/5

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