Monday, July 8, 2013

Thai House : Richmond location

This is one of the worst restaurants ever asides from Bao Bei and Sandbar (totally different cuisines, I know). My boyfriend told me since I love Tropika, he remembers Thai House as a pretty good restaurant and has always wanted me to try it since I say no all the time. Well... I was right all these times for never wanting to try this restaurant. The servers are pretty rude and disrespectful as if you owed them something, but they were only like that to us? I was confused because there were 3 other tables at the restaurant, and they pretty much ordered combos. Did we order too much for 2? Usually if a table orders a bit more than average, or a decent amount of food, you pretty much get okay to good service. Well, it seems like it does not matter what you order because the restaurant is only western friendly, that is why the other tables had service. Anyways, I was not mad because of just the service, but the food is pretty much not edible.


To start, the TOM YUNG GOONG, SPICY AND SOUR SOUP WITH PRAWNS, MUSHROOMS, LEMON GRASS AND THAI SPICES ($12.50). The soup has a lot of mushrooms and a couple of prawns, with a slight lemon grass taste. The soup is not spicy or sour and is not salty.

The second dish is the THAI SATAY WITH PEANUT SAUCE, MARINATED IN A MIXTURE OF THAI SPICES AND COCONUT MILK. We chose the RAISED FREE RANGE CHICKEN AND BEEF ($11.00). The peanut is creamy and tasty despite having no chunks of peanut like other restaurants. For the chicken, it tastes like they have gone bad, as in being marinated for too long and it should have been thrown out. The "cook the food to death to kill the bacteria" method cannot be used to save these chicken satays. For the beef, there is no taste, is bland, chewy and tough.

The third dish is the BUTTERFLY PRAWNS, DEEP FRIED PRAWNS SERVED WITH PLUM SAUCE ($7.00). Where to begin.. the presentation looks like this is at an all you can eat restaurant, these are not cut like butterfly prawns. Do they know what a butterfly prawn is? With the horrible satays and now this? The prawns are hard, chewy and tastes like they were deep fried for a second time. I definitely do not recommend this dish at all. If this was $4.00, fine, I can accept the price and take my loss, but for $7.00? I expected actual butterfly prawns!

The fourth dish is the KHAO PAD SAPPAROD, FRIED RICE WITH FRESH PINEAPPLE, PEANUTS AND RAISINS TOPPED WITH PORK FLOSS AND EGG SERVED IN A FRESH PINEAPPLE SHELL ($14.00). Where is the pork floss? The rice is very damp and tastes like fried rice mixed with ketchup. The pineapples are cut larger than most restaurants which I am not used to (personal preference, it was just harder to eat) and the rice tastes very sour. Any thai restaurant should be famous for their pineapple fried rice, come on.. but I think this restaurant has better rice options. I do not mind the sour rice since the pineapple was sour, but the rice is just too damp. I do like the plate the dish is served in though.

The last dish is the KAENG PHED BHED YANG, BONELESS ROASTED LONG ISLAND DUCK IN RED CURRY PASTE WITH COCONUT MILK, SERVED IN A FRESH WHOLE YOUNG COCONUT ($16.00). I think it is a neat idea that the curry is served in a coconut, but the duck is quite rubbery, chewy and tough. The curry taste is average, nothing special and there are better ones.

Overall I do not recommend this restaurant, but I have to be fair and say it could only be the Richmond location. The servers here are horrible even the manager himself who was serving us (usually managers are nice or fake it). I am totally okay with no service, but I hate seeing the face of someone who looks like you owe them something. Every dish was horrible except the soup which was acceptable, but for the rest of their dishes to be not edible or hard to eat? Only the rice was hard to eat, but the rest of the dishes I want to say are not edible. In their defence, I guess we ordered the wrong things? The good news is, the restaurant is western friendly and they will provide fine dining service.

Food: 0.5/5
Service: 0/5

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