Monday, July 15, 2013

Sashimi Sushi

Sashimi Sushi inside Lougheed Mall.

There is seating for about 4-5 people.

Area for tea (I think it is tea..).

Salmon and tuna nigiri, rainbow roll and dynamite roll.

The first time I came here is around 4 years ago? It is okay, average, only sushi place in the mall. I was in a hurry this afternoon and it took literally 25 minutes for 2 rolls?! It was empty too, I was their only customer.

Dynamite roll ($3.95). Presentation was meh, wish they used a longer container or something.

Rainbow roll ($6.45). It was okay, there are no avocados in the roll but there are some on top.

Tuna and Salmon nigiri ($1.25/each). They used the wrong part of the tuna, the part of tuna they used is near the skin which is considered the cheaper part and used for rolls. I never experienced this before, kind of cheap of them to do that.

Meh, it is sushi in a mall, you do not really expect much from that. The wasabi is too hard, the rice is too lose so the nigiri fell apart and if anything, the owner is not really friendly. Sashimi Sushi is average. I would just stick with rolls to be safe. 

Food: 2/5
Service: 0/5

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