Monday, July 15, 2013

Me n Ed's Pizza Parlor : Highgate location

Where to begin...

I have been wanting to come here for SO long and SO bad. A lot of people say Boston Pizzas' pizza is not even that good, but I always enjoy them. Somewhere in my crazy head I thought Me N Eds' is supposed to be good?

The inside is nice, you see the bar on the left where the girls make dessert too, and people baking pizza on the right.

There are booths as well as wooden chairs.

We ordered the hot wings, baked lasagna, gangster pizza and bbq chicken pizza.

The hot wings ($10.95/dozen) are oven roasted. It tastes like they were boiled and tossed in hot sauce. Their hot sauce is spicier than Boston Pizzas', but the wings are worse than frozen ones from supermarkets. I thought maybe it should have been oven roasted longer, but I guess this is how they make it here.

The meat lasagna, "classic italian style. Our rich and tasty meat sauce spilled over layers of moist noodles and topped with lotza motza" ($14.05). There is lots of mozzarella which is good for cheese fans. Rich and tasty meat sauce? No... not really, the meat sauce is not rich or tasty, it is below average. And moist noodles? No, it cannot be moist because it tastes like it was previously over boiled, then frozen, and when a customer wants to order them, you put sauce and mozzarella all over and bake. This is the worst lasagna ever, it makes Knight and Days' taste like a luxury (Knight and Days' is average).

Sigh, now to the pizzas.

The gangster, "a high-calibre pizza fit for a Don, with a spicy blend of Italian meats including salami, pepperoni, capicollo, and italian sausage, topped with mushrooms an onions." 

The bbq chicken, "succulent barbeque chicken, smoky bacon, onions and cheddar cheese on a spicy barbeque sauce base. Topped with green onions."

Let me think how I should begin.. This was on Saturday. I came here and gave up a good dinner because I prefer dining out on weekdays when it is less busy, and I thought my boyfriend and I should come here because I swear somehow I thought this place is supposed to be one of the best.

We got our pizzas, I took a bite, and the dough was still raw. For both pizzas. I flipped it upside down and the bottoms were still white, I removed the toppings and below you can see the uncooked dough. 

I do not know if you can tell from the photos and if is just useless for me to post them, but oh well.

So what happened was I asked our server if she could check if the pizzas are cooked properly, but she said she did not know how, and since it is my first time here, this is how they make it. Okay, since it is my first time here I was not 100% sure if it is raw, or just the way they make it because she then mentions no one has ever complained before. What I thought is that the heat was too high to make the crust puff up, and it did not cook all the way (I make pizza at home). She then suggested for them to re-bake it. If something is raw especially dough or batter (cupcakes, cookies), once it is out of the oven, it is too late to re-bake because it does not work like that. Especially when it has been sitting at our table for 10-15 minutes. I understand if we asked if she can make it more crunchy, but if it is raw, the oven will not cook the pizza dough after it has been removed from the oven (even if you re-baked partial raw dough, baked till the whole pizza is black, the partial raw dough will still be raw).

We agreed since I guess she is not the one baking the pizzas, and she does not know when raw dough is removed and put back in the oven it will still be raw. When we got them back, the dough was still raw (look at the bottom though, it is brown unlike the first time, yay). In general if a customer says something is not right, a restaurant should be able to check and confirm that or just give a new one, you do not re-heat something especially if it is raw. Soup, cooked dishes, obviously those can be reheated. If someone who baked the pizza came to us, and confirmed the pizza is 100% cooked, then I would have tried to eat it. But since it is raw flour, I did not want to get sick. In the beginning we did ask if she can check which is a lot better than wasting food.

She offered to give us another one, and we told her to take the Gangster pizza. We wanted to see if that is how they bake it or if it is raw, I did not want to waste two pizzas. After we got our new pizza, it was fully cooked. It kind of sucked because the bbq chicken was wasted since it is still raw, but oh well. I did not really enjoy the new pizza either to honest, it just did not taste good. Even .99$ pizza at shady pizza joints are better to me. I felt like our pizza, even the new one is so "doughy..." and the crust is too. I read many reviews that their crust is different because it is flaky? Why was none of ours flaky?!

It is not the experience that ruined the pizza, I just did not like it. And I love ANY pizza, seriously. It just did not taste good. We packed it up and left, and I complained about how we wasted our dinner time. We threw the raw bbq pizza out and gave the gangster one to a homeless man since only one piece was taken out.

Overall I did not enjoy this Me N Ed's and I do not recommend it. Service wise, the whole process was wrong in fixing our situation. Yes, in the end we had a re-baked one, but all we needed was someone to confirm if it was raw or not, and suggesting to re-heat the pizza does not do anything because it was still raw. I have no idea why I wanted to come here so bad and thought it was supposed to be good, this is the worst pizza restaurant ever. I read some reviews saying the crust is supposed to be thin and flaky? Ours was doughy, elastic and stringy, now I can confirm myself it was definitely raw.

We had the Saturday special, 2 small pizzas for $25.75. I was greedy and wanted 2 mediums, good thing my boyfriend did not let me and we got 2 smalls instead.

Food: 1.5/5
Service: 2/5

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