Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waka Sushi

Being traumatized numerous times from the movie theatres because the yogurt stand stops serving after a certain time that I always forget, I wanted to eat something other than poutines, hotdogs, pogo sticks and nachos. So, BF and I found a random Japanese restaurant to grab a snack at before the movie, Waka Sushi. The restaurant is literally right across from Langley Colossus.

The batter is flaky as well as light and the prawns taste meaty. The only thing is, the tempura sauce provided is in a tiny bowl! The bowl is the size of what you would use for soy sauce. Other than the small bowl, there was only enough sauce for one and a half pieces and this is coming from someone who sparsely uses the sauce in general.

The real california roll is a regular california roll topped with a tiny bit of crab meat as well as tobiko. I like my rolls simple and the price is not bad. Overall, the roll is average with no complaints.

I forgot to take a photo of the nabeyaki udon but it was meh.

- Great location for those who want Japanese before watching a movie at colossus
- Pretty good prawn tempura

- No service and rude staff as well as owners

- The staff is very rude including the owners! To make things worse, as all the employees were getting ready to leave, they were changing in an open room and I was standing in the hallway waiting to use the washroom. After literally fifteen to twenty minutes of standing there with five staff members looking at me, I realized what I have been waiting for is their changing room and not the washroom. WHY is it that no one told me or moved out of the way for me to GO TO THE WASHROOM? If anything, they could have asked if I needed something right? Like possibly the bill as well

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 0/5

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