Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ebisu : Richmond location

The chinese food for dinner tonight did not really do it for me since we ordered less and I was craving for sushi, so here I am with a sushi post. I usually prefer the Ebisu at West Broadway, but my boyfriend wanted to try the Richmond location again. It is my second time coming here, and my first experience was horrible. The food was not good and there was no service, even with the owner there. All I remember was that the beef carpaccio was super thick, cut wrong, and not edible.

We ordered the asari miso soup, sashimi vancouver, royal miyagi oysters, ninja kicker roll, alaska roll, and green tea and mango ice cream.

The first dish is the asari miso soup ($3.50). I like this because I get it for the clams rather than the miso soup when I come to this location. You get less clams at the West Broadway location, so if I want clams I will come here (the miso at West Broadway is better though). My boyfriend's miso has 4 more clams than mine! But you will be surprised with the amount you get, at least 7.

The second dish is the sashimi vancouver, consisting of 3 tuna, 3 salmon, 2 hamachi and 2 toro pieces ($15.95) . The sashimi is okay and fresh, but not the "good fresh" that you usually get at other Ebisu or Kamei locations.

The third and forth dishes are the ninja kicker roll ($5.50/4 pcs) and alaska roll ($4.95). The sushi rolls are both good and I never have any complaints. One thing I noticed about any Ebisu or Kamei location is that their sushi rolls are always consistent (sometimes a mango will be not ripe yet give or take).

The fifth dish is the royal miyagi oysters ($16.99). These are probably the worst oysters ever. They have not been rinsed at all and we were left with many tiny bits of shell that we had to spit out. It was not a pleasant experience. I do not know what is worse, not telling them they forgot to rinse the oysters, or after we finished, we ordered 15 more and it was exactly the same. How embarrassing to even say we ordered more. The second order was placed on a regular plate with no fancy black plate or ice, and the sauce was already mixed and put on for us (which I hate and do not even use the carrots!). I notice the oysters at Kamei or Ebisu (West Broadway) are so much better too! Even when I searched on Instagram the Richmond Ebisu location, all the oysters looked so thin and flimsy (like mine in the photo) compared to other Ebisu's where their oysters are usually tiny and plump.

My dessert, the green tea and mango ice cream ($5.00). Sometimes random restaurants will have a funny tasting green tea or mango ice cream flavour, not here though.

Overall I do think the Richmond Ebisu is the worst location, food wise and service wise. I can justify the Ebisu at Robson for their lack of service because it is always busy, but for Richmond? Naa. I wish I kept the photo of the beef carpaccio to post, but oh well. If you do come for their rolls, you will not complain.

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 2/5

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